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Rank lists, Chronicle and Arena

You may use the Soothsayer menu to check what has happened in The Reincarnation since you last logged in: You can check the real time ranking list, can check a list of all battles fought, and can lookup the descriptions of individual mages. This may help you finding possible allies and more important, possible targets. Take notice that to prevent abuse (see the Decalogue, scripting is not tolerated) there is a limit to the amount of chronicle lookups one may request. If you have exceeded this amount in the last 24 hours, your access to the Ranking screens, the Arena and the Chronicle of Terra is suspended. Spending turns increases your rank list refresh limit.

Rank lists

Choosing ‘Ranking’ will take you to a screen from where you can see the current top 10 mages. Note that on 'SOLO' servers, magenames are anonymized and ranking statistics have a random component. A pull down menu allows you to select what type of ranking list you want to see:

(1) Original rank list: The rank list will show you 30 mages above and below you.

(2) Target area, This rank list will show you every mage within exactly 80% to 125% of your power, this is a very useful tool since this is exactly the same as your attack restriction, and those of your enemies;

(3) Extended target area, This rank list will show you every mage which is within 75%-130% of your power. This can be a useful tool predicting what attack may be incoming or if you need to disband a little to be able to reach a better target;

(4) Complete rank list, This will bring up a very long rank list that will show you all mages currently in terra. To prevent abuse, you must spend a certain amount of turns to have access to this function.

  • The ranklist includes a column that informs you on any protection status on the mages in your ranklist.
  • If you are member of a supporting guild, you will see you enemies and allied guilds highlighted with icons in these lists.
  • If you are a supporting player, you will have access to a tool that allows you to filter your ranklist by protection status or by color.

Chronicle of Terra

The chronicle is a long list of all significant events within The Reincarnation in the last 72 hours. You can browse it by the hour or for a specific mage for longer period. This is useful when studying a potential target, because it may hint whose resources could be exhausted from recent battles. It is also useful in that you can see who your enemies and friends have been at war with. Through the chronicles, links to a mage’s own battle reports of the last 72 hours are provided (offensive attack reports as well as defence reports). On SOLO servers, it only shows those battles that you participated in.

Arena Archmage

Here you may check the description and stats (total acres, power, rank, etc.) of a mage by entering his/her mage name or mage number. When you are playing on a guilded server, it is a good idea to know who you are attacking, or you may find yourself in the middle of a guild war in no time. It is anonymized on SOLO servers.

If you are a supporting player or member of a supporting guild, you can also see if the mage in question is listed in the chronicle in the last 1h, 24h, 48h, 72h.

Arena is limited to 24 refreshes per mage per day. Refreshing more often will display old data! This protects players from being monitored by their enemies all the time.

See Supporting Guild Features for details.

My Arena

This is a shortlink to the Arena page for your own mage.


This is an in-game link to the five volumes of the Encyclopedia. It is an invaluable asset for resource management and planning your army, since the specifications of all creatures, magic and buildings of The Reincarnation are delineated in here. Note that upkeep costs of spells and units may differ between servers (e.g. ARCH server allowing oversummoning has higher m.p. upkeeps).

Statistics (supporting players feature)

Supporting players / guild members have access to a page showing their performance. Kept statistics presently include:

  • Win/Loose numbers for your offensive and defensive battles
  • above numbers broken down by color
  • above numbers broken down by attack type
  • details on the biggest battles
  • Color balance for the server in general, for the top 250 and for the top 100

Quest for Glory

The Quest for Glory has not yet been implemented into The Reincarnation. The game developers will make a broad post when it will be implemented. Until that time, please hold all questions regarding this topic.

Black Market

Bidding in general

To bid on an item in the Black Market, click the circle next to the item you wish to buy, place your bid, and click ‘Order’.

  • Placing a bid costs one turn (regardless on how many items is bid).
    • Window-shopping does not take turns. Donating to gods on the Altar of Darkness does not take turns.
    • The Black Market shows which items you already have open bids on (player cannot overbid himself)
    • The Black Market shows which items already have bids on from guild mates (player may overbid)
  • When a bid is placed, an amount of geld is taken from the treasury. Mages will drop a bit in net power because of this.
    • A next bid should be at least 5% higher than the previous bid.
    • Pay attention when bidding: be sure you bid on the correct item and you enter the correct amount that you wish to bid.
    • Once made, you cannot cancel a bid. Other mages on the server are given 30 minutes to attempt to outbid you.
    • The bid-code field allows to tag your bids using small-change (e.g. bid 1,000,066 instead of 1,000,000 to make the bid recognisable for other players in your guild).
  • If a player is outbid, an informing message is send, inviting to quickly re-establish a higher bid.
    • Meanwhile, the geld of your original bid is returned to your treasury instantenously,
    • Net power will restore with some delay (1-2 hr) to prevent players to spot you bidding through power-fluctuation.
  • If a bid wins the goods, the player receives a confirming message.
    • The items will arrive automatically and immideatly. Mages find them in their inventory.

Unique items and Ancient spell scrolls occasionally appear in the Antique Store. These rare items stay on the market at least 180 minutes. In planning to bid on Ancient spells or unique items, players must be vigilant and patient. Once a scroll for an Ancient Spell is acquired, there is reasonable chance to research it successfully, provided that mage and spell are of the same speciality.

Icon ASCENDANT.gifIcon PLAIN.gifIcon NETHER.gif

Antique Store – Item selling

In the antique store you may purchase but also sell items. To sell, choose ‘Sell item’, scroll through your item list and select the item to sell, and click ‘Sell’. Selling an item does not cost you turns.

  • At times you will try to sell an item and it won't appear on the Black Market for a time. This is because items that mages aim to sell, are placed on the market randomly within 48 hours. Thus, it may take some time for your item to appear on the market and for you to get your geld. You may also notice that you receive less geld for your item, than was bid on it (e.g. you received 5 million for the Carpet of Flying you put in the Market, while it sold for 10 million). This is because there are two prices for Black Market items: the price for which an item is sold, and the price at which that item came on the market (which is a good estimate for the amount of geld that the seller will receive). The latter fluctuates depending on earlier sold items, so don't be surprised if another mage receives more/less geld for selling the same item.
  • When your items is sold to a mage, the black market will transfer you geld, and report this with an in-game message.
    • Note: These messages do not add to the 'New Messages' post count. Other Black Market messages do.
  • The geld a player receives is less than what is paid for it, to prevent this game function to be a way of transferring geld between consenting mages.
  • The Sell Item page gives current base prices of items. Base prices rise slowly as more items are sold.
    • When selling Unique Items, the seller receives a percentage of the overbid above base price.

Spawning Hatchery

The Spawning Hatchery is a breeding ground for various creatures of The Reincarnation. You will find creatures resulting from spells up to complex level for sale here. To purchase them, simply place a bid, click ‘Order’. When new units appear, they stay in the market for at least 2.5 hours. Thereafter they are sold, 30 minutes after the winning bid.

Swords for Hire

There are always various mercenary groups looking to earn some money by hiring out their skills. When you click on "Swords for Hire" you will have the option of hiring small bands of mercenaries, which are generally barracks troops from the various magic specialties. If you wish to hire them, bid them an offer and click ‘order’.

Note that troops that you hire this way, occupy population space, so you need to have sufficient towns to house them and sufficient farms to feed them. If you run a negative m.p. income when the mercenaries arrive, they cannot be housed either. You'll also need suffient ordinary population or a lot of savings to forfill their geld upkeep. When you hire more people than you can host, on their arival the mercenaries will refuse to work for you, but they'll keep their geld. When new units appear, they stay in the market for at least 2.5 hours. Thereafter they are sold, 30 minutes after the winning bid.

Exotic Mageware

Here you may purchase Simple, Average, Complex, and Ancient spells. Do not purchase spells that you have already researched, as it will simply be a waste of geld. It is rare to find a spell for sale that you are not able to research, but it can be very beneficial to acquire such a spell (because each researched spell increases a mage’s spell level). When new spells appear, they stay in the market for at least 2.5 hours. Thereafter they are sold, 30 minutes after the winning bid.


Your kingdom can host heroes that command units of your army in battles and may influence your economy in between battles. Certain heroes prefer certain types of armies to lead. Heroes may tip the balance of battles at higher levels in the game.

Types of heroes, experience levels

There are various types of heroes, each with their own abilities. In addition, there are different levels of experience that a hero may have initially. The Encyclopedia’s Book of Heroes gives a decent overview of types of heroes and their abilities. Heroes can raise levels, and make new abilities operational, as they gather experience points (Xp) while serving your country. There is a benefit in upkeep costs for originally low-level heroes that have reached a higher level through gathered Xp, relative to heroes that had that level initially.

In the throne room's Audience screen, you can manage your heroes:

  • View your heroes' statistics.
  • Estimate how long your heroes still have to survive commanding your stacks, before they will enjoy new abilities.
  • Enable / disable some of their abilities (see below), and the associated upkeep.

A kingdom can only host one hero of each type at a time (e.g. when you have a level 13 Berserker and hire a level 14 Berserker, the first will get jealous and leave your country, while the highest levelled hero will stay). Regarding experience levels of heroes, note that higher levelled heroes have more of their abilities (also see below) operational than low-levelled heroes (e.g. a level 8 Valkyrie does not have a ‘Valor (9)’ ability until she reaches level 9).

The Tavern o' Heroes

The great heroes of Terra can often be found cavorting in this famous ale house of the Black market. If you wish to hire one of these great leaders, bid them an offer and click ‘Order’. When new heroes appear, they stay in the market for at least 2.5 hours. Thereafter they are sold, 30 minutes after the winning bid. Once you a hire a hero you cannot sell him or her back to the Tavern, as no hero would stand for the indignity of being bought and sold like cattle. However, you may dismiss heroes discretely by clicking ‘Audience’ in the ‘Throne room’ menu. Note that besides the ‘Tavern o’ Heroes’ and donations to the Gods, there are other ways to obtain heroes in the game.

Heroes in combat

In combat, battle heroes automatically join the party when you attack someone. When your army is too small, no heroes will join it in battle. Non-battle-type heroes obviously do not join your battles.

Generally your highest-level hero will take control of the top stack of your army, the hero with second highest level will take control of the second stack, etc., but each hero also has units that it leads preferably. Apart from influencing units in the battles, they also strike themselves, but their damage is reasonably small. When a stack that a hero commanded is annihilated, the hero almost surely will be killed too.

Hero Abilities

Above some minimum level of experience, heroes unlock their abilities. When the hero increases in level, the unlocked ability also becomes more powerful. Hero abilities can be turned off (see above). Most heroes have two abilities, one unlocking in the level 8-10 range, and one unlocking in the level 13-17 range. The abilities are briefly described in the encyclopedia.

Altar of Darkness

Gods of Terra

At the Altar of Darkness in the Black Market you may donate geld to the seven Gods of Terra. Gaining favour is a very tricky matter. If the god is not swayed to either favour or disfavour by your offering, nothing will happen (apart from losing the geld). If your offering pleases a god you will gain favour for 24 to 48 hours (which works like a hidden enchantment). Also the god will do something to benefit your country instantaneously. It is possible to extent favours for several days on a row, by daily donations. It is also possible to get ‘Most Favoured’ (implemented) status and ‘Patron status’ (soon to be implemented), but how exactly remains a mystery. It is also possible to discomfort the gods (‘Disfavour’ and ‘Hatred’ statuses). They tend to get jealous on each other, so beware when trying to get favour from more than one God at the time. If your donations displease one of the Gods, this may harm your country. Dealing with the gods is one of the mysteries in terra. If you want advice on how to do so, your best bet is to check the backlogs of the bulletin boards and get into contact with other players. The Altar of Darkness screen shows you summed amounts of donations that sofar have given you favours. It means they increase only by those donations that actually do something to your kingdom. You may also want to know that the donations needed to get favored are larger on faster running servers (Blitz) and lower on slow running servers (Apprentice).

Lady Luck

When Lady Luck smiles upon you, you receive bonuses when you are casting spells, attacking, defending, and exploring. So try to get Lady Luck's favour before engaging in combat, exploring land or summoning armies! You can always check the top lines in your status report to find out how lucky you are.

Unique Items

Unique items are very difficult to obtain. You may attempt to purchase one from the Antique Store, get lucky with a treasure map or treasure chest or Blood Stained Map, attempt to steal one from another mage by using spells or items, be granted one by a God, or wish one into existence. Each unique item has mysterious powerful effects. If you are searching for information regarding a specific Unique Item, your best bet is to check The Reincarnation’s Bulletin Boards.

The Holy Grail

The Holy Grail is a Unique Item that is one of the greatest mysteries of The Reincarnation. You will find that as soon as you obtain one it may disappear, and even if you can keep it, you will have trouble discerning what it does. We think mysteries are fun - if you don't, stay away from the Grail.

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