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To play ‘The Reincarnation’, you need to be connected to the internet and have a web-browser open (e.g. Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera, Safari, Firefox).

Creating a The Reincarnation account

  • First surf to
  • Then click the 'Register an account' link, to get access to our forum and our game servers
    • You will need a working email-address and click a link in an email to activate your account
    • The account gives you access to your mages, but also our forum 'the UBB'. The account name is also known as the UBB account.
    • Choose a name that is not insulting, sexist, racist or otherwise offensive.
    • If you are the only person using your computer, why not set it to remember your TR password.
    • Chapter 10 has a section explaining on our forum.

Account Creation Trouble

  • Carefully check your email inbox. In the text of the email that TR send you, there is a link. You have to click that link to activate your account and log in for the very first time. Thereafter you can use your login and password combination, to log in at any time.
  • If you remain unable to activate your account: contact the admins by email.
    • Use the same email that you used for your Account creation.
    • Admins only answer to known email-adresses.
    • Do not forget to mention the approximate time that you created your account.
  • If your account worked, but suddenly doesn't anymore: contact the admins by email.
    • It is possible that admins disabled your access because you broke rules of conduct on the forum or cheated in the game, or because you are mistaken to have done so.

Creating a New Mage

Pick your server(s)

After you gain access to the forum, go to the main page and create a mage on the server(s) of your choice. A new mage is created by giving it a name and selecting a color. But what server to pick?

  • The GUILD server is an intermediate speed server with fairly standard mechancis. Apprentice Academy operate on the server and teach basic gameplay. Some sets, its higher-learning sister guild Advanced Academy is also present.
  • The SOLO server stands out in that it does not have any guilds. Each mage can rely only on himself or herself, and indeed the identity of all mages are hidden under a shroud of anonymity.
  • The ARCH server is great for players who like to focus more on stacking and strategy as the strongest spells and units are not present on this server. It is the home of Apprentice Academy, the official training guild or TR.
  • The BLITZ server has the fastest turn rate of all. It offers an intensive gaming experience.
  • The BETA server is as fast as blitz, and the place where new game elements are tried and tested before being introduced on the main servers.


You can only ever have one mage on a server at any given time, but you are welcome to play more than one server. Indeed, many true TR addicts play all servers. If you play multiple servers, you may find playing the same colour on all or most of them helps you learn that colour faster. Playing different colours on every server is challenging, even for veterans.

TIP: You may want to bookmark our main page as one of your favourites.

Fair play restriction: Only one mage per player per server allowed

Important: Players are supposed to play only one mage on a server (see the Decalogue).

Players are allowed to play mages on each server, but one per server only. Creating a second account to reincarnate extra mages while you still have an old one is considered cheating (‘multi-maging’) and will result in deletion of both mages and all but one accounts (if not all accounts). Thus:

  • You can only have one mage on each server.
  • You can play one mage on each servers.
  • All your mages are tied to your single TR-account (UBB-account).

Admins monitor for players with multiple UBB accounts and multiple mages on a server. Such is considered cheating and associated accounts are deactivated and removed. Note that the rules of TR, the so-called Decalogue are flashed when you reincarnate your mage. The game rules are on display on each game server (in the Great Council section), in this wiki and on the UBB forum

Magename and Magenumber

  • Because your mage is connected to your general account, you only need to choose a mage name and a mage speciality.
    • You will not be able to change your mage name in the game, so choose carefully (and note Decalogue statement on foul language).
    • You can decide to have mage name the same as your UBB account (very proud) or a different mage name (more anonymous).
  • You’ll also receive your mage number, unique to you, that is an additional identifier in the game.
    • You cannot choose your number, they are handed out in order of reincarnation since the beginning of the game round.

Sharing a computer

Important: If you share a computer with another player or other players - in most circumstances each of you can play the game, BUT you will have to inform the developers/admin team about your shared connection situation. Hereto, there is a 'Multi-account registration' link for each server, e.g. found in the Council of the Emperor screen in the game. This information can be found on each of the servers: Guildwar | Arch | Blitz | SoloBeta

  • If you do not inform the developers, your accounts will be considered to violate gaming rules ('multi-maging').
  • You can read this 'FAQ on when to register'. It deals with most situations regarding sharing computers.

Playing your Mage

Every time you decide it is time to play your mage - whether once every few days, once a day, a couple of times per day - you'll find yourself surfing to our website and entering Terra through the gates of the server.

Note that players are supposed to play only their own mage (see the Decalogue). Checking, playing, maintaining or inheriting someone else his mage, even on the owners request, is considered cheating and will result in account deletion.

Log In

The quickest login is through The Reincarnation's portal page. That way you can even glance at some information on your mage and decide if you have to log in or not.

  • If you have saved the password on your computer, you just surf to and click and play.
  • If you are playing from a new computer or a public computer, you have to login to to be able to play your mage:
    • Enter your mage name and password exactly as you originally specified
    • Check CapsLock if login fails; passwords and account names are case sensitive.

Alternative Log In

When the server of is down for some unfortunate reason, you can use alternative log in links.
There is one for each server. See the the troubleshooting section below.

Log Out

  • On shared computers, you should log out from the portal page after you are done playing.
  • If it is just you using your computer for The Reincarnation: don't bother about logging out:
    • just close your browser window when you have had enough of it.

Web navigation in ‘The Reincarnation’

The Reincarnation is a web-based game, that you play using your web browser. Take notice that once retrieved, game pages do not update themselves. Not having up-to-date information has proven disastrous for many mages, so be aware of this when using browsers buttons like ‘back’ and ‘forward’. You can use the ‘Refresh’/‘Reload’ button to retrieve an updated game page (e.g. your ‘main menu’ or your ‘status report’). Again, be aware, because in some cases this may make you repeat a previous action by accident. If you want to pop-up a game page in a separate window, you can try pressing the ‘shift’-key while you click on a link (e.g. your status report or a rank screen). Navigating from page to page is most straightforward just using the links on The Reincarnations web pages itself, avoiding your browser's features.

The First 120 Turns

A new mage is protected from hostility for the first 120 turns. This gives newly reincarnated characters a chance to develop their initial land and fortify their kingdom. During these first 120 turns there are some restrictions to in-game activities: the mage can start summoning troops and after turn 60 also start recruiting troops, but is unable to attack other kingdoms and may not buy on the Black Market. Neither can a mage offer/accept an alliance or join a guild and be attacked by other mages in any way.

To set new players on the right track when starting to play the game, The Reincarnation provides dedicated WIKI pages. They give suggestions on how to spend the first 120 turns, and help you familiarise with the game controls, while preparing you somewhat for the unprotected game play after turn 120.


If you have trouble logging in to The Reincarnation, while other web pages can be accessed like always, it is possible that The Reincarnation's servers are very busy and unable to support more players at the moment. You should continue attempting to log in until you succeed or you wait for a while and try again after some time. This is an imperfect world, and from time to time our servers will be down. The volunteer developers/admin team is generally alerted to this almost as soon as it happens, and will work to have the servers up and running as soon as possible if trouble occurs.

Alternative ways to Log In

In the rare case that is down, you can try to login through

Account deactivated

Our administrators can decide to reject access to our servers - usually when you are suspected from breaking game rules, such as 'only play one mage on each server'. Email is the only remaining way of contacting the admins.

Your entry has expired

You may receive a message reading ‘Your entry has expired’ every now and then when you are playing the game. This indicates that your 'cookie' information has expired, which effectively means you are logged out. You can simply log in again and thereby refresh the 'cookie'. Generally, this message will only appear once in while, when you are online for a long time. Occasionally you will receive this message several times, indicating that the server is too busy for you to be able to re-enter. In this case you should try to log in at a later time.


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