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Name:Apprentice Academy
Servers:Arch, Guild
Website:Apprentice Academy

Are you a new player in this realm? Are you unsure how to handle your magic and how to care for you kingdom? The Apprentice Academy is there to help you!


Apprentice Academy (AppA) is the official training guild of The Reincarnation. It has been around for as long as the game itself and over the years hundreds if not thousands of students have come and gone. Many are the AppA graduates who have gone on to become TR legends, reaching leading positions in the most powerful guilds, and writing their names into history in the Hall of Immortals.

AppA is lead by mages from many of Terra's old guilds, with teachers volunteering to help their fellow players. AppA teaches mainly basic kingdom management, and helps new or inexperienced players learn the foundations they need to be able to continue developing on their own, or in regular guilds. The teaching is mainly done via forums, but IRC active students will have great opportunities to learn also via real time chat on that medium.

AppA is an independent training guild which is not associated with any regular guild.

Advanced Academy

Since December 2010 a sister guild of AppA named Advanced Academy, or AdvA for short, operates on Guild server. Where AppA teaches basics, AdvA accepts only mages who already have a rudimentary understanding of the game, and aims to help these advanced students take the next step towards a better in depth understanding of game mechanics. AdvA operates with a higher in game presence of teachers, with most training done on IRC, and in general looks and behaves much more like a regular guild than AppA does.

Because of the larger investment required in time and effort to run AdvA, it is an intermittent project that does not exist every set. Questions regarding AdvA can be made either via the Apprentice Academy forums or #appa on GalaxyNet IRC.

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