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Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. It allows to communicate over networks of servers. People connect to the network as 'clients' using a program on their PC. People who own servers can run IRC serverprograms and setup networks where any person can connect to. TR staff has become that kind of people.

IRC networks used by TR players

By the TR's player community, two IRC networks are traditionally used:

  • since 2012: The Reincarnation IRC, or simply TR IRC, is today the chat network used by most of the community.
Server:, Port: 6667 (or 8080) | Connection setup help
Main channel for TR players: #reincarnation
Support channel for TRirc: #help
  • since 1997: GalaxyNet [1] IRC service, was the old main network, but is now largely abandoned and dysfunctional.
Server: and many others | Connection setup help
NB: It often works better specifying a particular server address, such as or
Main channel for TR players: #reincarnation
Apprentice Academy (official training guild) channel: #appa

Guides for setting up and using IRC clients

TR IRC Policy

IRC Policy

Some very basic things to know about IRC

  • names of connected people are known as nicks
Typically you want to reserve a permanent name for yourself by registering the nick you are using. So that others may identify who your are from the other users around. Usually nick registration is done through Nickserv. Type the command "/msg nickserv help"
  • chatrooms / chatboxes etc. are called channels on IRC, and have a # in front of their #name.
  • channel moderators are called ops/chanops/ChOps , and have an @ prefix on their nicks; or "~" and "&".
The "~", "&" and "%" prefixes are modified ChOp prefixes granting more or less channel access. Basically it means they are still ChOps.
The "+" nickname prefix means the user is voiced. This is functionally used for "moderated" channels, mostly is it used to signify preferred users.
These are common "Channel User" modes. Take note that channel modes, user modes, and Channel User modes are 3 different things.
  • some connected nicks are not people but bots, i.e. computer programs. You can give them commands, such as invite me to #mysecretchannel
some people like programming their own bots, with varying success. Example: This clip on YouTube
  • if you type in text and press enter... you have chatted
  • if you start a chatline with a /, you are giving a command to the IRC server.
if the command makes sense and you have the right access levels, it works.
otherwise the IRC server will echo back that it did not understand you and points you to help
  • On start up, the regular IRC user lets the program perform a series of commands automatically, such as identify me and join my favorite channels.

Installing and setting up IRC chatsoftware

  • There are several options, but most players use mIRC.
Here is an instruction video
See the guides here!

  • I use mIRC all the time, I just want to connect to the new server
See this page for that!

  • I used Galaxynet all the time, I need to know some commands for TR's server
Nick commands for creating a nick and authenticating it
Channel commands for creating a channel and maintaining it

  • I kinda dont want to download anything though