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What TRirc is

TRirc is an IRC network consisting of one server, hosted on the TR domain. As its own network, it is separate from for example GalaxyNet which most of the TR community has used in the past. Users on TRirc cannot normally talk to users on GalaxyNet. There are many reasons TRirc has been launched, including better functionality, more control over the servers and the possibility to integrate IRC into the game so it can be easily accessed by anyone. GalaxyNet places severe limitations on web clients meaning such an in-game implementation of IRC access would not have been possible on that network. In addition, we're confident TRirc can provide improvements in both reliability and functionality, and for these reasons want to offer the TR community all the benefits available in running our own network.

How to get on TRirc

TRirc can be accessed mainly in two different ways.

  • By using the in-game web chat client, which connects automatically to TRirc.
  • By using your favourite standalone IRC client (such as mIRC, XChat, ChatZilla, irssi, etc), that you have installed on your computer.

If you use a standalone IRC client, you will need to configure it with the server address and port number listed below under Technical Details. The TRirc server supports a range of common and advanced IRC functionality that you can make use of according to the documentation of your client.

If you use the TR web chat client, you will be automatically connected to the TRirc server and by default be joined to the main channel #reincarnation. The web client is accessible from the main menu (under Society) of each of the game servers, and from the portal server. You can change the default settings and behaviour of the web client including nickname, autojoins, perform lists and theme on the IRC Options page, which is accessible through the Options page for each mage. The portal based client has a link to its options just under the chat interface.

Technical Details

Port: 6667 (or 8080)

Common Commands

TRirc uses the Unreal IRC server software, which supports all ordinary and many advanced commands that GalaxyNet users will be accustomed to. If you are using the web client, you can either use the graphical interface provided in the form of menus and right-click-accessible actions on other users in your channels, or you can use the commands listed in the table below. If you're using a standalone client, all the commands in the table should work as well as possibly (probably) a large number of others that may depend in part on your client.

Command Alternative Function
/join #channel [key] /j #channel [key] joins the specified #channel, supply key (password) as needed
/part #channel /part [current] leaves the specified #channel
/quit [message] disconnects from the server, with an optional message
/query user /q user starts a private conversation with user
/msg user message send a private message to user, without changing window
/nick newnick changes your nick to newnick
/mode #channel +o user [user2 ...] sets operator (op) status for user (multiple users optional)
/mode #channel +h user [user2 ...] sets half-op status for user (multiple users optional)
/mode #channel +v user [user2 ...] sets voice status for user (multiple users optional)
/mode #channel +k key sets the key for #channel to some value, which users will need to know to enter

A channel operator (op) is a person in full control of a channel. This works largely the same was as on GalaxyNet. A new feature to some users may be the half-operator (half-op) status, which allows a channel op to give another user privileges in a channel without placing them on the same level as her- or himself. A half-op cannot change the mode of a full operator and can therefore be more easily controlled in the event of trouble.


Registering a nickname

TRirc allows you to protect your nickname by registering it so that only you can use it. In order to register a nickname, it needs to be your current nickname. Once you have registered a nickname, it will make you identify yourself on future use. The following table lists commands to register and identify yourself, as well as some other commands useful with a registered nickname.

/msg NickServ REGISTER password [e-mail] registers current nickname with given password and e-mail address
/msg NickServ IDENTIFY password identifies as the owner of the current nickname
/msg NickServ GROUP regnick password groups your current (alternative) nickname with your regnick, which can be your main registered nick, using its password
/msg NickServ SET kill on activates kill protection on your nick, forcing anyone using it to identify within 60 sec or get automatically renamed
/msg NickServ RECOVER nick [password] forces renaming of someone using your registered nick, password needed if you are not identified
/msg NickServ HELP lists help topics for nick services
/msg NickServ HELP command lists help on a specific command (like REGISTER, RECOVER, INFO, GROUP, etc)

Including your e-mail address when registering is optional, but is recommended since it allows you to recover your password if you lose it. To do so, join #help and ask an operator to help you. If you do not include an e-mail address, you cannot recover a lost password. Unlike on GalaxyNet, you can use any e-mail address to register on TRirc.

It is a good idea to have the identify command executed automatically every time you connect to TRirc. To do this with the web client, simply add the command to the "Perform Commands" field on the IRC Options page. For details of how to use perform lists on a standalone client, see its documentation, or ask around on IRC.

Please note that IRC commands are case insensitive and that upper case has been used only to highlight certain commands. That is to say "/ns command" does the same thing as "/msg NickServ command". Additionally, when using the web client, you can use a shorthand notation to give commands to NickServ. "/ns command" does the same thing as "/msg NickServ command". Standalone IRC clients may have similar shortcuts/aliases.

Registering a channel

You might also at some point want to register a channel, for example to use it with your guildmates. Registering a channel allows you to make use of TRirc's ChanServ channel service utilities. These correspond approximately to the functionality Q has on GalaxyNet. In order to register a channel you must have operator status in it. The following table lists some common access-related commands that you may want to use to first register and then make use of channel services with your channel.

/msg ChanServ REGISTER #channel password description registers #channel with an admin password (not a join key) and adds a public channel description (required)
/msg ChanServ AOP #channel add user gives user auto-ops in #channel, and access to give other users automatic half-ops and voice
/msg ChanServ SOP #channel add user gives user auto-superops in #channel, and access to give other users auto-ops
/msg ChanServ ACCESS #channel list lists all users with access in #channel
/msg ChanServ SET #channel mlock +tnk key locks modes on #channel to '+tnk key', so modes will remain even when channel becomes empty
/msg ChanServ HELP lists help topics for channel services
/msg ChanServ HELP command lists help on a specific command (like REGISTER, AOP, SET, etc)

Please note that IRC commands are case insensitive and that upper case has been used only to highlight certain commands. That is to say "/msg chanserv help" does the exact same thing as "/msg ChanServ HELP". Additionally, when using the web client, you can use a shorthand notation to give commands to ChanServ. "/cs command" does the same thing as "/msg ChanServ command". Standalone IRC clients may have similar shortcuts/aliases.


In addition to the registered and temporary channels anyone can create, TRirc staff operate two official channels that are open to the public. These are #reincarnation, which is the main channel for general chat about all things TR or otherwise, and #help which is a support channel where problems relating to the use of TRirc or the web client can be answered.


The following details a simple TRirc session including some common actions.

/join #dandies joins #dandies
/nick TheDyingDandy changes nick to TheDyingDandy (yes, TRirc supports longer nicks than GalaxyNet)
/msg nickserv register 123secret registers the nickname TheDyingDandy to with password '123secret'
/msg chanserv register #dandies 321secret The Dandies guild channel registers #dandies with password '321secret', entering 'The Dandies guild channel' as the (public) description
/mode #dandies +k golden sets 'golden' as the key to join #dandies
/quit So long suckers! disconnects, session ends, fast forward to next day when user has reconnected...
/msg nickserv identify 123secret identifies to be able to use the registered nick, since user hasn't set performs yet
/join #dandies golden joins the channel created earlier, which now has other users in it, obtains auto-op
/mode #dandies +o LoserDandy sets op status for mate LoserDandy
/msg chanserv aop #dandies add LoserDandy gives LoserDandy AOP access in #dandies, meaning he will get automatic ops and certain channel access
/msg chanserv access #dandies list lists all users who have access in #dandies, except the founder, showing LoserDandy and possibly others
/msg nickserv set kill on activates kill protection on current (registered) nick, forcing anyone using it to identify within 60 seconds
/nick TheDeadDandy changes nick to TheDeadDandy
/msg nickserv group TheDyingDandy 123secret groups the current TheDeadDandy nick to the (main) nick TheDyingDandy, using the password of the latter

IRC client configuration

These links lead to software-specific instructions for configuring some common IRC clients to connect to TRirc, as well as to set up a dual connection to GalaxyNet at the same time.


Additional help

If you are in need of more assistance or have questions about anything concerning TRirc, you are always welcome to join #help, which will be operated as the official help channel for the TRirc network. Simply join the channel and ask your question. Please be aware however that TRirc as all other parts of the community is operated by volunteers and that if you are unfortunate enough that noone is around for the time being, it may take a while to get your answer.

If you find any errors in this HowTo, please inform Laanders on IRC, or send an e-mail to laantr(at)