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HowTo mIRC & The Reincarnation

Add TR IRC Server

If you would like to create an entry in mIRC server list you can do this by pressing alt+o.
This will bring up the server window in mIRC. Click the "add" button and fill in the fields according to the image below.


mIRC Auto Perform

To automatically perform a series of commands, each time you connect to TheReincarnation IRC server, mIRC offers the Auto Perform option.

  • Press alt+o to get to mIRC Options,
  • Select Options in the tree menu on the left.
  • Now press "Perform" button
  • Click "Add" button.
  • Find "TheReincarnation" in the list and click "Ok".
  • Type the commands that you want to be performed.

Add network mirc.jpg Add perform mirc.jpg

The two lines in the example -- if you change "password" to match your own password! -- will:

  • Identify your registered nickname
  • Join the channel #reincarnation
    • /ns is an alias for /msg NickServer; /j is an alias for /join.

Connect Aliases

To make things easier, you could create your own aliases to connect you to servers you use regularly.

  • Go to: Tools> Script Editor> Click the "Aliases" tab.
  • On a new line add: /trserv { /server -m -j #reincarnation }
  • For galaxynet add: /gserv { /server -m -j #reincarnation }
  • Save the file.

Now to open a new connection to the TR server you need only type /trserv
To open a new connection to galaxynet type /gserv

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