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Want to play the game "by the book"? You may find there are many different books to play by! This page contains some stuff that might at least get you off to a good start.

  • A general (but dated) resource is the Player's Manual.
  • In order to better understand other players, wiki pages and the UBB, it's a good idea to learn common terminology.
  • Below is a collection of guides written by other players who decided they wanted to share their knowledge. Anyone can add a guide!

But please note:

  • Some guides may be old and contain outdated information. Some may even have been wrong to begin with. It is always a good idea to be somewhat sceptical, and to think for yourself in order to figure out what's true and what isn't. Even though some of the hard numbers and data may no longer be correct; the concepts, strategies, and ideas in the guide could still be quite solid. If you read them with a grain of salt and look for updated numbers elsewhere in the wiki you will find yourself with loads of good information to start your career with. Remember also that you can always ask questions in the Hall of Sages on the official forums when you're in doubt. Or, perhaps even better, join #reincarnation or #appa on IRC to ask your question there in real time chat.

General Guides Color Guides
Icon PLAIN.gif Beginner Guidance

Researching for dummies - Nov. 06 (updated July 2016)
Mike Clough's Strategy Guide - Dec. 06
Beginner's Guide to TR - Dec. 06
Guidance For New Players - Oct. 07
DoctorEvil’s Newbie Guides - Mar. 08
An old guide, once featured on the portal (edits welcome!) - Dec. 09
Research Phase Guide - Feb. 10
Spending turns on oversummoning servers - Mar. 10
Knight of Dawn's The Reincarnation Simplified Guide - Aug. 11
Allah's One Page Newbie Guide - May 15

Icon NETHER.gif Nether - Black

Alzorath's Nether Guide - May 06
Sabre Nether Guide - May 06
Seraph's Devils Guide - Nov. 06
Weaver's black rushing - Nov. 06
Broke and Butter's Battlelust Battle Guide - Apr. 07
DOLZero's Devil Guide - May 07
The Only Guide to Nether You Will Ever Need - July 07
Umbra's Nether Guide - Apr. 08

Icon PLAIN.gif Advanced Guidance

Topian Early Ranking - Mar. 06
Catfishing - Feb. 07

Icon ERADICATION.gif Eradication - Red

Alzorath's Eradication Guide - Nov. 06
Azreal's Red Guide - Nov. 06
RedGuide - Feb. 10
Jgnod's Red Stacking - "Aug 14"

Icon PLAIN.gif Game Mechanics

Ronin's War Formulas - Jan. 06
Understanding Stacking - Dec. 06
Summoning Rates - Aug. 07
General Mechanics Guide v0.3 - Oct. 07
Battle Mechanics - Jul. 12
Favour from Gods - May 10
Pairing - Feb. 11

Icon VERDANT.gif Verdancy - Green

Simple Verdant Guide - Mar. 06
Roxton's Tips for Verdant - Oct. 06
Incomplete: weaver's complete guide to green rushing - Oct. 06
Sir Hatter's Green Guide for Apprentice Server - Dec. 06
Verdant Stacking in UBB Hall of Sages - Forum Post 06-08
Alzorath's Verdant Guide - Jan. 07

Icon PLAIN.gif Tools or Calculators

Geld Optimizer Applet - Apr. 06
Lonectzn's Stack Calculator - May 08

Icon PHANTASM.gif Phantasm - Blue

Alzorath's Phantasm Guide - May 06

Icon PLAIN.gif Other Information

Grahams War Guide - Apr. 07
The Eye Formula - Dec. 07
Cerberus' COMPLETE guide to warfare - Jan. 08

Icon ASCENDANT.gif Ascendancy - White

Maerlyn Style White - Mar. 06
Sirhatter’s White Guide - Oct. 07
DL_Snake's Ascendant Guide - Jan. 08

Contributing to this section? Great! Just dump your new page somewhere in the TALK pages and we'll organise this page further.

GalaxyNet and TR IRC

Guidance to help you set up a connection to the Galaxynet IRC network, and channels such as #reincarnation.