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this is a quick&easy formula to calculate how much dmg will a unit do to another unit. its not easy to catch it first, but once you understand it, you will be able to make quick calculations that will help you to build your stack in order to win regs/sieges.

the formula:

dmg done = 15%*A/B

AttackDmg = (UnitprimaryORsecondaryDMG/unitNP) attack damage of primary attack is affected by Attack Power Modifiers, secondary can only be affected by the skill legendary commander.


  • magic or psychic attack type: *2
  • enemy unit is weak to attack type: *2

-HP = EnemyUnithitpoints/UnitNP

-HealingMod: 100/(healing formula of the sum of Healing Modifiers


  • scales: *1.33


Wraith vs Djinni (no enchantments/spells/items/fatigue/healing/HPboost/heroes/skills involved):

Wraith: AttackDmg=1200/160=7.5,MiscA=2 A=7.5*2=15

Djinni: HP=7650/1700=4.5, ResMod=60% (*1.67), EffMode=100% (1), AccMode=30% (1), HealingMod=None (1), MiscB=None (1) B=4.5*1.67*1*1*1*1=7.5

so dmg done to Djinni by Wraiths is: 15%*A/B = 15%*15/7.5 = 30% .

if fog+satchel were used by the phantasm mage, the dmg wouldve been multiplied by 0.4, meaning the wraith will deal 12% of their net power to the djinni. -> a specific example: lets say your mono wraith and enemy is mono djinni, you use ash and enemy uses fog/satchel, you will make enough dmg to break the 10% needed, but hold on, you might still get outdamaged..

lets look what happen if both have 272,000 np value of army:

its 1700 wraiths vs 160 djinni ash vs fog+satchel (lets say fog pass djinni in this case)

wraith will make 12% of their np value meaning they will kill 272,000*0.12 np worth of djinni, and since the wraith and djinni is same in this battle, they will kill 12% of djinni, 19. this will leave enemy with 141 djinni with 1 fatigue effect (85% efficiency)

lets look how will the djinni retaliate:

Secondary attack: A: AttackDmg=10000/1700=5.88, MiscA=1 A=5.88*1=5.88 B: HP=1000/160=6.25, ResMode=20% (*1.25), EffMode=85% (*1.17), AccMode(djinni have marksmenship)=20% (*1.5) HealingMode=None(1), MiscB=None(1). B=6.25*1.25*1.17*1.5*1*1=13.7

Dmg Dealt by Djinni to wraith is: 15%*A/B = 15%*5.88/13.7 = 6.44%, so djinni will make 6.44% np value of their current np (141*1700=239700) = 6.44%*239700 = 15436 = 96 wraiths (5.6% of the wraiths).

since the djinni's primary attack is weaker and resisted the same, you can clearly say that the winner is the mono wraith in this battle.

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