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Protect your nickname on Irc

Well, it may happen that you enter the channel and everyone is asleep, and you can't speak because the channel is moderated or need to set something in the topic that needs urgent attention. For that you could not do because you had not a registered channel nick.

Please get a registered channel nick.

I will teach how to do so now:

Get that registered nick!

This is a one time thing to do

  • Go to your status window to type these commands (you don't want the password and email adress you type to be read by everybody in the channel, if you forget typing the slash '/' or press ctrl-enter instead of enter)
  • You need this command: /MSG NS REGISTER e-mail
  • You can give the command /MSG NS HELP REGISTER if you want to read explanation
  • You really need a real email adress to use this (it is safe, it does nog bring you spam).

So if i'm Princess_ i would go and register my nick by putting on prompt:

  • <Princess_> /msg ns register princess_
  • After that you will receive an email with a password.

Logging in to IRC and Authorizing yourself

This is a thing to do every time you log on

  • To make yourself known as the one and only real you, you'll have to write this line when you login to irc:
  • preferably in status window, type: /MSG AUTH rnick password
  • You can give the command /MSG NS HELP AUTH if you want to read explanation

The first time Princess_ would type that manually, and typed something that looked like:

  • <Princess_> /msg auth Princess_ dh3!kd33

Making everyday life easier

Because Princess_ was not dumb, she added the AUTH line to her startup irc script.

  • for newer mIRC: "connect"->"options"->"perform..."->
    • Enable perform on connect
    • Perfom Network: Galaxynet
    • perform commands: /msg auth Princess_ dh3!kd33

^NOTE: This is an easy method, but i would not recommend it to everyone. Since you know that doing perform actually makes your password visible, its wise not to do it. Doing it the easy way is dangerous!


Changing passwords

Now because the password was dificult to memorize Princess_ eventually decided to change it after authenticating with the command:

  • /MSG NS PASS old_password new_password
    • So he wrote <Princes_> /msg ns pass dh3!kd33 mypasswd1.


So everyone do it!

Joining your favourite channel automatically

Now you have a registered nick, and after you have authorized yourself, you can ask an admin for a #channel that has Q in it, to add you to the channellist. Usually the admin you need to help you get listed, is someone with a @ for his/her name (operator). When that operator has the right channel access level, he/she can arrange for you to be added by giving Q the right command. The admin will probably ask you Hey, Prin_AFK what is your registered nick?.

Once you are listed in Q's channellist (Command: /msg Q gaccess to see where you are listed), You can ask Q to invite you to that channel (Command: /msg Q help invite), and you can bug your admin to give you an @ (operator) status automatically through Q once you enter your favourite channel (i know you always wanted that - an admin for your channel with the right level needs to arrange it for you by giving Q the right command).

To save yourself manually logging into Q, in MIRC press the Tools.gif icon and select "Options" and then press the "perform" button as pictured below. Next enter the details shown in the image below (be sure to replace user and password with your details!). Once done, each time you join GalaxyNet IRC you will automatically login and join #dmw. Easy :).



Who is Q? Q a bot, a real person, or WHO!?!

No, you are definitely wrong! Q is not a BOT, a real user or what. Q is a channel services, that stays on a registered channel. What Q feeds on are commands, so give Q some commands to perform actions!

- Edited by cvn.

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