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War is upon you! What will you do?
You will kill thats what you will do...and I am going to teach you exactly how to do it.
The first thing you have to learn is that if the action is not a violation of the Decalogue Of Terra (the rules)...DO IT!
This is warfare and everything is fair in wartime.The graveyard is FULL of people who whine about he did this and she did that...the fact is they are in the graveyard and you arent...thats the whole point of war.


The first thing your guild needs to do is allocate tasks to the players and have the leader or "war general" tell his players exactly what is needed.The best way to do this is to look at the power ranks and the colours of each mage.
There are 5 main categories of warfare.

1)Rankers...those mages with exceptionally high land and net power.Their primary roles will be to physically beat down any rankers of the enemy into the next category.They will also lend "spell support" which will be explained in detail later on.

2)Enforcers...usually these mages float around the 8 million to 12 million power level.Their job is to make sure that any mages that have been bashed down by the rankers into their range keep going down further...and that any mages who get over the 10 million psycological net power barrier are immediately and repeatedly beat down again further to protect their own rankers.Green and red mages are exceptionally good for this task.

3)Spellers...there are 2 types. Coaters and Snipers.

Coaters are mages that will often cast one spell of their own color on multiple enemy mages every single day.For example red mages will cast Meteor Storm only on anywhere from 1 to 10 mages.Black mages will cast Death and Decay on 1 to 10...and lastly Blue mages will cast the Confuses.Death and Decay/Meteor Storm and Confuse is the number one best way to kill a mage.It is called SPELL LOCK.Most coaters will run in the 8 million power to 12 million power range ideally.If you plan on being a coater you need to run a more DURABLE stack that can withstand multiple hits without losing most of your army.This is important because some mages will try and "siege or pillage" off the spell. More on this later.

Snipers (my specialty)...considered by some as the lowest form of life in the TR game.The sniper runs on low land (usually around 2200 acres and lower) and runs a low maintenance army consisting of usually crap.The sniper cares not about land...his army...or his items.The sniper must be active and online as often as possible (up to 6 hours a day mimimum!)The sniper will have the enemy guild list as his main page...right clicking down the mage list checking for net power differences between whats listed on the guild page and whats showing on the mages profile page.If there is any variation (especially in a gain of net power) the sniper will strike.One succesful casting of either Meteor Strom or Death and Decay and the sniper will become silent again.Hoping that the target does not notice the spell that has just been cast.If the mage continues along with his attack runs his army and buildings will become devastated by running turns with the spell on...causing severe damage to the kingdom and is especially damaging to rankers.If the victim does something that requires multiple turns like mana charging or gelding and selects more than 25 turns in one shot...the mage will more than likely be assassinated right there!The sniper is truly the most devastating weapon in a warguilds arsenal...with the ability to single handedly take out any mage of any power at any time.Snipers MUST be RED or BLACK mages for the greatest chance for success.Blues can snipe as well but are better off as coaters because of their high spell level and versatility.

4)Item Bombers...Once a mage has been "Spell Locked" as we discussed previously the next step is to make sure he doesnt escape or recover.The best way to do this is to bring in the "Item Guy".The item guy is usually a white mage with a high (lvl 15+) skill ability in the Legendary Artificer Skill.There is no point in locking a mage only to have him dispel all your hard work with a few clicks of the mouse.The item guy will start to use Mana Vortexes first draining all the available mp from a locked mage.If the mage is Black or Red it is also essential that the item guy makes sure the victim has no population left in his kingdom.Rotten Foods/Books Of Prophecy make their appearance about this time until the last one used successfully says "...lost 0 people by your power".The item guys job is done at this point.More later about How to BBQ where the item guy makes a re-appearance.

5)Catfishers...probably the hardest part of the 5 to do successfully.The ability to run a kingdom on low (800 acres) land.These people are the masters of preying on the weak and hurt.Once a mage has been bashed/sniped down to single fortresses....he thinks he is safe.Hoping to buy time to generate enough turns to rebuild before the catfishers get to work on him.The strategy of the catfisher is to use just enough surviving troops (around current land total of victim plus 50) in a siege attempt to take a fortress without putting the victim back into damaged status again.Then repeating until the mage has been slain.There are guides specifically on catfishing and definately worth reading.

Ok once your guild has allocated all the tasks its time to start swinging right? Wrong...blindly sieging and spelling your enemy will get you all killed...and if the guild is experienced in warfare very quickly too.The most important step of warfare is the BBQ.Try and set up a co-ordinated time with all of your guild members where most or all of them can be in one communication location at one time.mIRC is great for this but for smaller guilds MSN messenger works great too...just invite everyone in your guild into the conversation (ive seen 22 in Lucky 7 messenger bbq's).Now everyone is there.First of all have everyone paste all their counters that are showing in their war list of the enemy guild...tally up who has the most and start with him.


The first step to barbequeing a mage is to have a high spell level blue mage cast confuse on the target.This will more than likely stop his defensive spell if it is off color or complex or ultimate due to spell failure.

Step 2...If the mage is not in damage have a higher net power RED mage that can reach him siege him.Dont hold back...you want mass army destruction...chain lightning or inferno are a MUST here!Repeat till damaged status occurs.

Step 3...Now he is in "D" status.Every 5 minutes have that blue mage with the confuse on him use one turn (bid on black market/use a crystal ball or whatever)...make sure no turns have come off the confuse (i.e he is online)...If he is spell lock him immediately.

Step 4...Have all your guys with counters on this mage start hitting him starting with YOUR mage with the highest net power going first.If the victims army was absolutely devastated by that initial RED attack with the inferno/chain lightning and most of his army is dead you may want to have all your guys take catfishing counters back on him trying to take as many forts as you can and go for the kill....If he has HIGH forts though (like 40) then just absolutely smash him.

Step 5...Now fully lock the mage if he isnt locked with the Death and Decay and the Meteor Storm.Dont use others just yet till you see if it ends up a kill...no point casting temporal Stasis Field on a mage you just killed unless he is moving.

Step 6...Enter the RED mages.They will all now start to cast Volcano Eruptions until exactly 10 have successfully passed his barriers.Always try and stay within a million power "IF POSSIBLE" for greatest fort destruction and removal chance.

Step 7...If this poor sap is STILL ALIVE start the scries now and get how many items he has...his amount of available mp...his available geld...and his current population.Now its time to do the "Quad Zero"...remember "The Item Guy"...well its his glory time.Mana Vortex all the mp till its drained (or use earthquake if its a large amount)...after all those volcano eruptions I doubt he has barriers left to stop it from there anyway.Now the item guy drains the Population with rotten foods/books of prophecies.Next its geld time.Have the blue mages use Fools Gold on him till its all gone or if you have to use letters of the thieves guilds or any item the item guy has most of that can finish it off.Now we call in the RED mages once again.With the barriers smashed from all the volcano eruptions, the mass casting of Destroy Artifacts begins until they are all destroyed...this is important as it doesnt take a turn to sell an item on the black market.You need to make sure that even if he is Serenitied all his troops (assuming there are any) and heroes abandon him if he even takes 1 turn.

Step 8...laugh your ass off and send him an archmail (staying within the guidelines of the rules of course) asking him if he enjoyed that as much as you did!

Step 9...NEXT!


1)Never ever make your attack runs alone.Always try and have at least 1 person with death and decay or meteor storm capability cover your butt while making your attack run.
2)Dont give out too many counters or it will be YOU in that bbq!
3)If you are spelled while you are online and in a vulnerable position...STOP!
If you have access to at least one good sniper with lots of turns have him spell the mage who sniped you...then dispel the spell.Only build barriers.Refresh your page a few times.If other snipers come at you and hit your barriers have your sniper snipe them but dont move anymore...theres too much heat...even a great sniper can only outsnipe a max of 3 because they will be sniping him as well. 4)Always have FULL BARRIERS (75% resistance and 2.5% of your buildings on the buildings page).
5)Always have 25 fortresses (unless catfishing).I used to say only 20 but theres a lot of good snipers out there and I like the extra 5.

Lastly...don't cheat...its lame...its ok to be hated...to be flamed...and even to be feared but no one respects a cheater!

See you on the battlefield.

Elite Sniper of Lucky 7 (Guild Server) Catfish Of Terra (Beta Server) The Wassai (Arch Server)

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