Meteor Storm

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This spell will call a series of meteor storms from the heavens to hit your enemies, demolishing their buildings and turning them into pile of rubble. This enchantment will harm the enemy while they're taking turns.

Spell Statistics
Name Meteor Storm
Magic Speciality Eradication
Rank Complex
Attributes Enchantment
Cast Turn 8
Cast M.P. 20,000
Research Cost 5,000
Upkeep Cost 2,000 m.p.
Related Unit


The enchantment destroys buildings and population every turn taken by the person on which the spell is cast (usually an enemy). It takes upkeep mana from the person that has cast the spell, 2000 m.p. for every turn the enemy takes. If the caster runs out of mana, the enchantment dispells automatically.

You are under the power of the spell Meteor Storm ..
Your .. Farmlands are destroyed.
Your .. Towns are destroyed.
Your .. Workshops are destroyed.
Your .. Barracks are destroyed.
Your .. Nodes are destroyed.
Your .. Guilds are destroyed.
Your .. Barriers are destroyed.
Your .. Fortress are destroyed
You gained XXXXX gold YYYYYYY m.p. ZZZZZ people.

  • Meteor Storm destroys more buildings than Death and Decay.
  • XXXX, YYYY and especially ZZZZ will shrink and go negative the more turns you take under Meteor Storm.
  • The enchantment (at eradication full spell level) removes a number of buildings that roughly equals 2% of your total land each turn over many turns.