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Ancient spells are usually acquired via the Black Market and Unique Items.

  • They can be aquired by using certain Unique Items - works on-color and off-color.
  • They can be bought directly at Exotic Mageware - works on-color and off-color
  • They can be learned from researching ancient spell scrolls - Works full researched on-color 100%, may fail in other cases - if failed, zeroes your m.p..

Using an off-color ancient spell is only possible at very high spell level (and with help of Concentration by a God). - It is also color dependent.

As a white i tried casting Corruption with God's Concentration and here is what i got.

You start to concentrate on the spell Corruption. Your God forbids you using this cursed spell! You finished casting the spell Corruption on yourself.

Note: Mana & Turns were still deducted. - GoeGoe

Successfully adding an ancient spell to your spell book increases your current spell level by 15.

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