The Wall of Silence

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The spell will cover the whole kingdom with a wall of silence which makes spell casting quite impossible. The wall will expand to the nearby country slowly. Only those who can concentrate hard has a chance to break through the silence.

Spell Statistics
Name The Wall of Silence
Magic Speciality Phantasm
Rank Ancient
Attributes Enchantment, Selfonly, Nocancel, Epidemic
Cast Turn 20
Cast M.P. 750,000
Research Cost -
Upkeep Cost 250 m.p.
Related Unit -

More Description

The Wall of Silence is an Epidemic enchantment, that passes from mage to mage in battles or pillages. The enchantment makes casting of spells very hard both for the mage it is casted on and those who try to spell him further. Casting The Wall of Silence starts of the epidemic. Most mages receive this enchantment while having battle intercourse.


Reduces concentration, causing difficulty casting spells. The difficulty depends on the spell level and color of the casting mage.

  • On casting, the duration of the spell is dependant on the mage's Spell Level
  • When transferred in battles, the duration is copied from the infected mage.
  • Simple on-color spells usually can still be casted - other spells have high chance to fail.
    • goes for battle and non-battle spells, summoning spells and echantments.
  • Multiple infections with The Wall of Silence do not stack,
    • If you are infected while already infected, the duration stays what is was.


  • The spell can be acquired using the unique item Scroll of Insight, Icon PHANTASM.gif Phantasm mages will always learn it, other mages have a 50% chance.
  • Wall of Silence is NOCANCEL, meaning that to cancel the spell, you need to use mana.
  • Tip : A pillage, even unsuccessful, is the cheapest way to infect an other mage on purpose.