Black Death

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This ultimate enchantment will inflict black death on the whole Terra. Everyone will suffer from the plague. Citizens and troops will decrease at a rapid pace as the plague begins to haunt the living. Note that this spell will also affect your own country.

Spell Statistics
Name Black Death
Magic Speciality Nether
Rank Ultimate
Attributes Enchantment, Selfonly, Nocancel, Epidemic
Cast Turn 25
Cast M.P. 1,000,000
Research Cost 50,000
Upkeep Cost 666 people
Related Unit

Black Death is an Epidemic enchantment, that passes from mage to mage in battles or pillages. The enchantment kills units and population every turn. Casting Black Death starts of the epidemic. Most mages receive this enchantment while having battle intercourse.


  • On casting, the duration of the spell is dependant on the mage's Spell Level
  • When transferred in battles, the duration is copied from the attacker.
  • About 1% of the units of each stack is killed per turn
  • Population growth is set to zero and 666 population is taken each turn
  • Multiple infections with Black Death do not stack,
    • If you are infected while already infected, the duration stays that of the older infection.


  • The ultimated spell is availble to Icon NETHER.gif nether mages only.
  • Black Death is NOCANCEL, meaning that to cancel the spell, you need to dispell using mana.
  • See link here for dispell tips [[1]].
  • Tip : A pillage, even unsuccessful, is the cheapest way to infect an other mage on purpose.
  • Population loss occurs by it lowering pop income to zero and then it having an upkeep of 666. As such, whites and greens are barely affected by this spell (a loss of 666 people for ~ 20 turns is only ~13000, the bulk of which will return after 1 turn of no black death). Strangely, the ones hit hardest by this spell are blacks and reds (Red Dragons), since they will lose 666 a turn AND whatever their units eat (since income = 0 they pay the full loss of their units every turn).
  • Black Death thus has minimal effects on the colors black hates most, and can send a black into a spiral quickly. Black death = death to blacks, lol.