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Spell Level

Spell Level indicates a mage's skill in handling magic. Spell Level is acquired by learning new spells and is usually the primary factor in determining the strength of a mage's spells. It is advisable to research all available spells early after the creation of a mage in order to utilize higher Spell Level (and therefore stronger spells).


  • The number and difficulty of your spells known determine your actual SL -- researching or purchasing spells will also increase your spell level.
  • Favour or Disfavour from Magic can temporarily affect Spell Level.
  • Some Spells' effects are not based on Spell Level.
  • A change in spell level does not immediately affect enchantments that were already cast and still in effect.
    • For example, if you cast Plant Growth with +20 spell level because of Magic's favor, it keeps in effect as long as you maintain the upkeep, usually weeks longer than the god favor lasts.
  • Spell level also somewhat influences Net Power
  • With the skill Grand Enchanter, enchantments are more powerful. Level 8 Grand Enchanter is comparable to Magic's favour bonus in strength for enchantments only (but permanent).

Standard Spell Levels

The spell levels for fully researched mages differ depending on server:
(last updated November 2013, except italics which are from mid-2012.)

<tbody> </tbody>
  Guildwar Blitz Arch Solo Beta Lightning
Icon PHANTASM.gif Blue 624 631 627 589 624 617
Icon ASCENDANT.gif White 449 456 452 428 449 449
Icon VERDANT.gif Green 456 463 459 428 456 456
Icon ERADICATION.gif Red 477 477 473 449 470 463
Icon NETHER.gif Black 477 477 480 463 477 470


  • By acquiring ancient spells and opposite color complex spells (<a href="Black%20Market">Black Market</a>), mages can further increase their spell level.
    • The max possible base Spell Level is 709 on Beta server (634 + 5 * 15 (5 ancient spells)).
    • With Magic Most Favored and maximum <a href="Grand%20Enchanter">Grand Enchanter</a>, a beta mage with all 5 Ancient spells can cast enchantments at Spell Level 849.
  • Gods cast spells at spell level 777

Spell Level Contributions

Simple Spells: +1 SL each
Average Spells: +3 SL each
Complex Spells: +7 SL each
Ultimate Spells: +20 SL each
Ancient Spells: +15 SL each
Learning the spell Armageddon does NOT add to spell level.

Magic Favor adds a temporary bonus to spell level
Magic Most Favored: +40 SL (48 hours)
Magic Favor: +20 SL (24 hours)
Magic Disfavor: -20 SL (24 hours)
Magic Hatred: -40 SL (48 hours)