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Spell Level

Spell Level indicates a mage's skill in handling magic. Spell Level is acquired by learning new spells and is usually the primary factor in determining the strength of a mage's spells. It is advisable to research all available spells early after the creation of a mage in order to utilize higher Spell Level (and therefore stronger spells).


  • The number and difficulty of your spells known determine your actual SL -- researching or purchasing spells will also increase your spell level.
  • Favour or Disfavour from Magic can temporarily affect Spell Level.
  • Some Spells' effects are not based on Spell Level.
  • A change in spell level does not immediately affect enchantments that were already cast and still in effect.
    • For example, if you cast Plant Growth with +20 spell level because of Magic's favor, it keeps in effect as long as you maintain the upkeep, usually weeks longer than the god favor lasts.
  • Spell level also somewhat influences Net Power
  • With the skill Grand Enchanter, enchantments are more powerful. Level 8 Grand Enchanter is comparable to Magic's favour bonus in strength for enchantments only (but permanent).

Standard Spell Levels

The spell levels for fully researched mages differ depending on server:
(last updated November 2013, except italics which are from mid-2012.)

Icon PHANTASM.gif Blue624627631627589624617
Icon ASCENDANT.gif White449445456452428449449
Icon VERDANT.gif Green456459463459428456456
Icon ERADICATION.gif Red470480477473449470463
Icon NETHER.gif Black477487477480463477470

  • By acquiring ancient spells and opposite color complex spells (Black Market), mages can further increase their spell level.
    • The max possible base Spell Level is 709 on Beta server (634 + 5 * 15 (5 ancient spells)).
    • With Magic Most Favored and maximum Grand Enchanter, a beta mage with all 5 Ancient spells can cast enchantments at Spell Level 849.
  • Gods cast spells at spell level 777

Spell Level Contributions

Simple Spells: +1 SL each
Average Spells: +3 SL each
Complex Spells: +7 SL each
Ultimate Spells: +20 SL each
Ancient Spells: +15 SL each
Learning the spell Armageddon does NOT add to spell level.

Magic Favor adds a temporary bonus to spell level
Magic Most Favored: +40 SL (48 hours)
Magic Favor: +20 SL (24 hours)
Magic Disfavor: -20 SL (24 hours)
Magic Hatred: -40 SL (48 hours)