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The following category lists the definitions of the various spell attributes found in the game.

Battle: This spell can only be cast during a battle
Contract: Spell summons Devil Prince
Enchantment: This spell will have effect when target is making turns
Epidemic: The spell will take transfer to anyone attacking mage under its effect
Instant: This spell has one-time instant effect
LimitCount: The Council puts daily limit on how many times one mage can be the target of this spell
NoCancel: Spell cannot be canceled
NoDispell: Spell cannot be dispelled
Ranged: This spell is most effective when caster and target have similar net power
Require*: Spell requires minimum amount of given resource to be cast successfully
Selective: Spell has random effect
SelfOnly: This spell can be cast only on the caster himself
Summon: Spell will summon units to your army.
Uncastable: This spell cannot be cast, it has continuous effect


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