Devil Prince

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Commander of infernal cohorts, eternal warrior of darkness, one of many sons of Satan, a Devil Prince is sent to a country to watch over the execution of a Contract of the Soul. Although as mighty as dozens of the most powerful devils, he will not aid you in conquest. Instead, he stays behind the throne, observing everything. He appropriates battle spoils and drains magic power for his own purposes.

Hero Statistics
Profession Devil Prince
Magic Speciality Nether
Race Demon
Attributes Summon Event Noleave Nobattle Limit_turn
Gender Male
Attack Power 6 + 20*level
Attack Type Fire
Counter Attack 6 + 20*level
Hit Points 66 + 200*level
Upkeep Cost -
Abilities Contract (1)
Re PLAIN.jpg


Not a real hero per se, it only appears if you cast Contract and it prevents you from gaining any rewards from pillages.