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Heroes' spells

Some heroes can cast spells in battle, they help the mage they work for. The units that get hit by these spells have a chance to negate them, following the color resistances listed in the encyclopedia. Heroes that cast spells are:

Icon ERADICATION.gif Fire Elementalist (Arcfire, Firestorm); Icon VERDANT.gif Shaman (Wall of Thorn); Icon PHANTASM.gif Valkyrie (Icicle); Icon ASCENDANT.gif Vampire Hunter and Priestess (Turn Undead)
Icon NETHER.gif Soul Reaper and Necromancer (Chill Touch), Witch (Polymorph)

The hero battle spells (Arcfire, Firestorm, Icicle, Chill Touch, Wall of Thorn, Turn Undead) do their damage at the begin of the battle, without suffering from reducing factors. Their accuracy=100%, their efficiency=100%, there is no random modifier, there is no fatigue. This makes the damage by hero spells very effective.

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