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Turns around 2000 enemy recruited units into frogs. (Exact numbers and formula?) level 20 witch could kill 5000 enemy unit. The amount of troops polymorphed is not likely by HP but by number. See my [URL][1].

see my topic the one i have tested 3 age ago http://ubb.the-reincarnation.com/viewtopic.php?p=145402&highlight=witch#145402

-This spell can be resisted. -Amount is random. There a max and min amount to be kill.

KT 50% chance resist. My last test, Amount of kill is fix, always 5k. If you get less they were probably already wiped out.

The created frogs temporarily join your army as an additional stack for the duration of the battle. Polymorphed units are considered killed in battle and cannot be resurrected.

Warning : This spell does NOT work on any summoned units, and barrack units are rarely seen except at the start of the game, making this skill nigh worthless.