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Strong in War, as well as Knowledge, the Valkyries are fierce female warriors of the North. In addition to their ability to summon frost and snow over the enemy, the presence of these these mysterious warriors improves your entire army's ability to fight. The strongest valkyries can even project a heat shield over your units.

Hero Statistics
Profession Valkyrie
Magic Speciality Phantasm
Race Elemental
Attributes Mercenary
Gender Female
Attack Power 7000 + 3500*level
Attack Type Melee
Counter Attack 2000 + 1000*level
Hit Points 4400 + 2200*level
Upkeep Cost -5000 + 2500*level gold 25 + 5*level m.p.
Abilities Valor (9) Icicle (14) Ice Shield (16)
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Battle: Valor (Lv.9)

  • Increases Primary and Counter AP of all your units by 3% + 1%
  • Does not affect secondary attacks

Battle: Icicle (Lv.14)

  • Deals 10k + 5k/lvl cold damage to one random enemy stack
  • Is a phantasm spell, can be resisted

Battle: Ice Shield (Lv.16)

  • Increases all your units' FIRE resistance by 5% + 1%/lvl

Preferred Units