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A common Hero Ability.

Icon ASCENDANT.gifIcon PLAIN.gifIcon NETHER.gif


  • Increases Primary and Counter AP of all your units by 3% + 1%/lvl.
  • Does not affect Secondary/Extra Attacks.
  • Valor effects of multiple heroes stacks for all your units' Primary and Counter attacks.
  • The effects add linearly.
e.g. A unit with 1000 AP Primary Attack affected by two heroes with Level 2 Valor (+5%) will be increased by 10% to 1100 AP.
Valor Attack Power
Level Increase
1 4%
2 5%
3 6%
4 7%
5 8%
6 9%
7 10%
8 11%
9 12%
10 13%


There is at least one Valor Hero for each mage color and they are of common unit races. They lead races of their color only and provide efficiency, as with all heroes.

Icon ERADICATION.gif Eradication: Dragon Knights lead Dragons and Berserkers lead Dwarves.

Icon ASCENDANT.gif Ascendant: White Knights lead Humans.

Icon NETHER.gif Nether: Dread Knights lead Demons.

Icon VERDANT.gif Verdant: Amazons lead Animals and Human Animals.

Icon PHANTASM.gif Phantasm: Valkyries lead Elementals.

Icon PLAIN.gif Plain: Veterans lead Human Swords for Hire.

Comparison with Rare Hero Abilities

  • Valor is available at a low hero level (9) for every Valor Hero.


  • Comparing the Valor effects to effects of other abilities is only worth the calculations for some higher level Non-Valor heroes, because their attack affecting abilities (e.g. Tactics) are enabled at high level only.
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