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The warrior women of the jungle, Amazons are amazing fighters, and surprisingly good at leading an army as well. Their take-charge attitude, and the power to back it up, results in a very efficient force. They can even communicate with animals to some extent, and beasts under their command turn into deadly forces on the battlefield.

Hero Statistics
Profession Amazon
Magic Speciality Verdant
Race Animal
Attributes Mercenary
Gender Female
Attack Power 9000 + 4500*level
Attack Type Melee
Counter Attack 3000 + 1500*level
Hit Points 4600 + 2300*level
Upkeep Cost -1000 + 1000*level gold 50 + 5*level m.p.
Abilities Valor (9) Animal Taming (12) Beast Master (14)
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Battle: Valor (Lv.9)

  • Increases Primary and Counter AP of all your units by 3% + 1%/lvl
  • Does not affect secondary attacks

Battle: Animal Taming (Lv.12)

  • Reduces Primary and Counter AP of all enemy Animal units by 5%/lvl

Battle: Beast Master (Lv.14)

  • Increases Primary and Counter AP of all your Animal units by 5%/lvl

Preferred Units