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Outcast dwarves seeking death in battle to regain their honor, Berserkers are a force to be feared. With no regard for their own safety, they charge recklessly into battle, and inspire your units to do the same. One can always find a Berserker by following the trail of bodies to the most vicious fighting on the field. No other hero can match the Berserker's ability to increase your army's attack power. However, your units achieve this power with the loss of defense. Armies with high initiative become juggernauts, while slower armies can suffer large casualties before launching the first attack.

Hero Statistics
Profession Berserker
Magic Speciality Eradication
Race Dwarf
Attributes Mercenary
Gender Male
Attack Power 13000 + 6500*level
Attack Type Melee
Counter Attack 5000 + 2500*level
Hit Points 6400 + 3200*level
Upkeep Cost -1000 + 1000*level gold 5 + 2.5*level m.p.
Abilities Valor (9) Berserk (14)
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Battle: Valor (Lv.9)

  • Increases Primary and Counter AP of all your units by 3% + 1%/lvl
  • Does not affect secondary attacks

Battle: Berserk (Lv.14)

  • Increases Primary and Counter AP of all your units by 10% + 5%/lvl
  • Decreases HP of all your units by 5% + 2.5%/lvl

Preferred Units