Primary Attack

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The main attack of your unit. Every unit has one.

The primary attack is not necessarily the first attack that a stack does in a battle: if your unit also has an Extra Attack, and that is of higher Initiative, that one is done first.

A Primary Attack causes enemy units to attempt to Counter (even if it fails due to being paralyzed, too far away, or 0 Attack Power Counter).

Using a Primary Attack will cause Fatigue to your unit, which is a reduction in Efficiency.

Primary Attacks are affected by many Attack Power Boosters/Diminishers, Accuracy Boosters/Diminishers, and Efficiency Boosters/Diminishers. These include modifiers from heroes such as Valor, Berserk, and Song. The Primary Attack's type affects unit behavior when it is on the ground. For example, an Earth Elemental might ignore a Flying stack in favor of one on the ground, if the ground stack is large enough and the elementals are also on the ground.