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Fatigue is a term used for progressive reduction in efficiency. Each time a unit strikes, its efficiency is lowered -- this effect is "Fatigue".

Normally a stack starts attacking with an effiency of 100%. When the battle progresses, however, the efficiency of strikes typically becomes less and less - not in the least because counter strikes cause fatigue just like new strikes. By the time it is their turn to strike, especially low initiative units find themselves fatigued from receiving and countering enemy strikes. The fatigue effect is the main reason why units with a high initiative for their Primary Attack are so sought after.

What attacks cause Fatigue? and how much?

Fatigue occurs:

  • when a unit performs a Primary Attack, the attacking unit will suffer from "Fatigue".
  • when a unit performs a Counter attack, the countering unit will suffer from "Fatigue".
    • it does not matter whether it did damage or failed.
  • for each Primary Attack that is executed.
  • for each Counter that it is triggered.
  • when a unit has Additional Strike, it performs its Primary Attack twice and hence fatigues double.
    • note that such attacks trigger only one counter, so the receiver is fatigued only once.

Fatigue does not occur:

  • when a unit performs an Extra Attack
    • neither for the attacker
    • nor for the receiver (Extra Attacks do not trigger counters).


  • Initial efficiency for each stack: 100% + level of leading hero.
  • Reduction for each attack/counter: -15% for normal units.
    • (100%-15% = 85%, 85%-15% = 70%, etc. for however many hits).
  • Reduction for each attack/counter: -10% for units with Endurance.

Fake Stacks:

  • A common strategy is to use low net power fake stacks of units to cause fatigue without risking losing a battle due to the loss of said units.
  • This is seen most often in shorter stacked mages.
  • A stack must be at least .07% of your unit power to engage a unit in combat and cause fatigue.


someone could paste an annotated battle report here