Fire Elementalist

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Flinging fire and destruction in their path, an Elementalist wields incredible magical power, able to decimate an army with nothing more than a few words. These wizards draw their power from the elemental plane of fire.

Hero Statistics
Profession Fire Elementalist
Magic Speciality Eradication
Race Elemental
Attributes Mercenary
Gender Male
Attack Power 6000 + 3000*level
Attack Type Fire Magic
Counter Attack -
Hit Points 1600 + 800*level
Upkeep Cost -1000 + 100*level gold 50 + 5*level m.p.
Abilities Arcfire (9) Firestorm (16)
Re PLAIN.jpg


Battle: Arcfire (Lv.9)

  • Deals 80k*LVL FIRE damage to one random enemy stack
  • Is an Eradication spell and thus can be resisted, even better with the help of Resist Elements

Battle: Firestorm (Lv.16)

  • Deals 40k*lvl FIRE damage to each enemy stack
  • Is an Eradication spell and thus can be resisted

Preferred Units