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This is one of the most important spells for Phantasm mage. This enchantment will allow a mage to achieve a perfect equilibrium of mind. It will enhance the mage's ability of casting spells, researching and summoning effectivness.

Spell Statistics
Name Concentration
Magic Speciality Phantasm
Rank Average
Attributes Enchantment, Selfonly
Cast Turn 5
Cast M.P. 10,000
Research Cost 3,000
Upkeep Cost 150 m.p.
Related Unit


  • Decreases the chance of failure in casting off-color spells.
  • Reduces research time by (0.05 x Spell Level)% for all colors, including Gods' conc.

While having 264 own conc and 777 Magic conc, Flame Shield went from 30,000 to 14,385 or a 52.05% reduction 0.05 x (264+777)% = 52.05%.

When God's conc expired, cost was 26,040 or a 13.2% reduction (0.05 x 264)%.

Tested for phantasm mage with the same numbers showing.

Old info:

  • Decreases research time by (0.1 x Spell Level)% when cast on-color Icon PHANTASM.gif.
  • Decreases research time by (0.05 x Spell Level)% when cast by adjacent color Icon ASCENDANT.gifIcon NETHER.gifmages.
  • Decreases research time by (0.033 x Spell Level)% when cast by opposite color Icon VERDANT.gifIcon ERADICATION.gif mages.
  • Decreases research time by 77.7% when cast by a god.

Effective August 2009 Concentration: Gives the same research bonus to all colors.

  • Icon PHANTASM.gif @ SL651 took my Dryad summoning from ~1800 to ~3300, so it increases summoning yields as well.

  • When cast on-color, it increases summoning using off-color summoning spells.
    • Since it is a Icon PHANTASM.gif enchantment, this works for casting Icon ERADICATION.gif,Icon VERDANT.gif,Icon NETHER.gif and Icon ASCENDANT.gif units by Phantasm mages.

Concentration increases the success rate of a spell using the following formula: x (100% + ( SPL of Concentration / 2900 ))

Example: If your success rate is 80% and you have SPL 600 concentration, then your success rate becomes 96.55%