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Icongeld.gif Geld, also known as gold or money Icongeld2.gif

Geld is created by the population in your kingdom. How much geld you generate each turn, depends primarily on the population you have, and what buildings you have put on your land (with emphasis on Towns(But the net income can be changed by God Favour, Unique or Heroes.)). There is no cap to the maximum amount of geld you can accumulate, but you can't have less than zero geld (no loans!), at which point you start losing stacks, heroes and eventually buildings.

  • Geld is consumed by many army units and heroes, by buildings, and by going to war (war expense). Your status report breaks down the total upkeep.
  • There are also game features that alter your geld generation. When items, heroes or enchantments reduce your geld generation, that is called 'Hidden upkeep'.
  • Geld is a pillageable resource.

The formula for base geld-income is:

  • Current Pop * (((100 + 10*Town) / Land) ^ 0.5) + 1000
  • The above seems to have been changed to: Current Pop * (((100 + 10*Town) / Land) ^ 0.0000005) + 1000 (Blitz, Feb 2009)
  • The current formula for geld-income seems to simply be Current Pop + 1000
    • When gelding, you gain the net amount with no upkeep for each turn taken, and as you do this, you take turns giving you the usual income of your kingdom (Gelding in negative income means you lose that amount of geld each turn taken on top of the gain from the gelding).
    • When suffering hidden upkeeps, lower the amount by a certain factor (-10% means factor 0.9)
    • It uses the population you have at the end of the turn (confirmed by marty)
    • with absolutely no pop, you will still get a tiny 1000 geld, and the next turn you will have the base 50 pop and get already more than 1000 geld.

Game features affecting Geld


  • Some Uniques reduce your geld generation (e.g. hidden upkeep)
    • Some Uniques increase geld generation
  • Selling any item on the Black Market returns geld on sale.


  • Nature's Favor Icon VERDANT.gif adds (0.224 x Spell Level) food per farm (Allowing more pop).
  • Weather Summoning Icon VERDANT.gif increases food production meaning less farms are needed to upkeep same population. Can be used to increase geld, if you not destroy the excess farms.
  • Battle Chant Icon ERADICATION.gif allows Eradication mages (yes, ONLY Icon ERADICATION.gif red mages) to steal geld when successfully winning a siege or regular although winning a siege yields more(??).
  • Laziness Icon PHANTASM.gif greatly reduces geld generation (~90%)
  • (incomplete)


  • Fool's Gold Icon PHANTASM.gif - steals a large amount of geld from target mage.
  • (incomplete)
  • Wish Icon PHANTASM.gif can give you geld or give you Efreeti Bottle which can give you geld.


  • Alchemist Icon PLAIN.gif - Alchemy increases geld generation by 4% + 4%/level (at the cost of reduced mana generation).
  • Merchant Icon PLAIN.gif - Trading increases geld income by 20k + 20k/lvl.
  • (incomplete)


  • Nature god favour and most favoured increases normal geld generation (by 10% resp. 20%)
  • Nature god disfavour and hatred decreases normal geld generation (by 10% resp. 20%)


Gelding generates geld based on your "Income": it gives you a gold amount equal to your net gold income per turn spent gelding, while still adding the normal positive/negative income as a companion to the turns spent.

  • Gelding early in the game is a common strategy to get the funds required to buy a good hero or wanted off-color/ancient spell. This is often called Whoring.
  • Optimizing gelding envolves a gentle balance between % of towns on your land, allowing population growth to be maximal all the time, by providing excess space for population all the time. There is a nice tool that can help you optimize your gelding.

Zero geld

Zero geld (no positive income for some time, no savings left) is the case of fully depleting your geld, complete stacks of geld consuming units may disband themselves (in random order: you may be able to keep supporting some of your smaller stacks). More dangerous (and ultimately deadly) you may start losing buildings (guilds, workshops, barracks and ultimately forts). In the case of forts: you will lose half of your forts each turn you spend without geld (i.e. you will not die of bankruptcy the next turn, but very well could die within a couple of turns if you don’t take appropriate action).


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