Battle Chant

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The spell drives all armies in a state of frenziness. It squeezes the life force of the units out and enhances their power and strength. The only drawback of the spell is the units will be exhausted too easily and will not be able to last long in a battle.

Spell Statistics
Name Battle Chant
Magic Speciality Eradication
Rank Complex
Attributes Enchantment, Selfonly
Cast Turn 10
Cast M.P. 50,000
Research Cost 7,000
Upkeep Cost 250 m.p.
Related Unit Goblin (Beta Only)


    • On colour: +20% AP, -10% HP
    • Adjacent: +10% AP, -5% HP
    • Opposite: +5% AP, -2.5% HP

All the above are scaled by enchantment_SL/max_erad_SL. So a red with standard SL (477 on blitz) will have +20% AP, whereas a blue with 631 SL casting BC will actually get (631/477) * 5 = 6.6% AP boost. AP boosts apply equally to primary (including counter) and secondary.

    • On colour: +0.066*SL % AP, -0.022*SL % HP
    • Adjacent: +0.033*SL % AP, -0.011*SL % HP
    • Opposite: +0.020*SL % AP, -0.0067*SL % HP

This AP boost is primary (including counter) only.

    • Battle Chant lures ~100-1000 goblins to your army per turn and costs an additional 100 mana upkeep.

  • PILLAGE EFFECT (Eradication Only)
    • All servers, at least once the size component is gone from beta/lightning
      • A successful attack will take the same percent of target's geld as it did (captured+destroyed acres) percent of target's land, with a ±20% random modifier. The pillaged amount is also scaled by SL in the same way as the battle effects. Pillage effect only works on colour, and only if the target is at least 50% of the attacker's size.

    • Blitz, Beta, Lightning and Archwar only
      • On Blitz and Beta, Erad mages receive a 1% geld upkeep reduction for every 100 acres they are above 5k acres, capping out at 50% when they reach 10k. This effect does not scale with SL.
      • On Lightning, Erad mages receive a 1% geld upkeep reduction for every 200 acres they are above 10k acres, capping out at 50% when they reach 20k. This effect does not scale with SL.


For Icon ERADICATION.gif: +20% AP/Counter/EAP and -10% HP (base SL) ~ +0.044*SL %AP (rounds down to nearest 0.1) ~ -0.022*SL %HP (rounds down to nearest 1) Pillages geld if attack is successful (randomized amount). [1] Pillage amount is dependant on surviving troops(similar to how surviving troops determine land gained) and attack type. A full siege will pillage up to 10% of the target's geld, regular attacks half that.

Formula for amount of geld pillaged [2]

% of target's geld pillaged = (1) x (2) x (3) ; where

(1): The % of target's land destroyed in the attack. Up to 5% for regulars, 10% for sieges.

(2): Current spell level of "Battle Chant" enchantment / Base full spell level of Erad mage (differs depending on the server)

(3): A random number in the range 0.8 - 1.2

Example (quoting Azroen):

"So on a server where erad's SL is 456, and their BC enchant is 545...

10% geld * (545/456) * (rand (.8-1.2))

This would give a range of 9.56% - 14.34% geld stolen. And conversely, a low BC enchant mage will steal less."

(updated March 16th 2011 by slivers7; credits to Azroen)

Pre-April 2009:

  • For Icon ERADICATION.gif:
    • +30% AP/Counter and -10% HP
    • Pillages geld if attack is successful (5% on regular, 10% on siege).
  • For Icon NETHER.gif
    • +16% AP/Counter and -6% HP (470 SL)
    • for 511 SL +17% AP/Counter - 6% HP? (511 = 3 extra spells + Magic's Favour)
    • For 607 SL +20% AP/Counter -7% HP [1]
  • For Icon VERDANT.gif
    • +15% AP/Counter and -6% HP (from fuzzy memory)
  • For Icon PHANTASM.gif
    • +16% AP/Counter and -6% HP (from fuzzy memory)
    • +14% AP/Counter and -5% HP Tested on SL 661
  • For Icon ASCENDANT.gif[2]
    • +5% AP/Counter and -5% HP
    • +10% AP/Counter and -4% HP (SL 493)