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This treasure map shows the rough location of hidden treasure on an island. The search for the treasure may profit the beholder of the map, but beware, the search may be fruitless and futile.

Only active on Arch and Archwar Servers
Disable on Blitz Server.



  • Using the Map grants one of the following outcomes (with the chances for each outcome in parenthesis):
    • Grants 1,000,000 geld (40%)
    • Grants 5 of one type of lesser items (20%)
    • Displays the location (mage name) of a Unique Item (10%)
    • The Treasure Map leads to nothing (30%)
      • The only factor that affects the above chances is the Legendary Artificer skill; it reduces the chance to find nothing while increasing the chance to find geld and items, but does not increase the chance to find the location of a Unique (it is a fixed chance)
  • The Map is only active on the Arch and Guildwar Servers

Lesser Items