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This ultimate spell will bequeath you a power beyond imagination if you know how to wish for it. Gold, artifacts, and charmed citizens will appear before your eyes. However the spell result is quite random, and can even create negative effects.

Spell Statistics
Name Wish
Magic Speciality Phantasm
Rank Ultimate
Attributes Instant, Selfonly, Selective
Cast Turn 1
Cast M.P. 100,000
Research Cost 30,000
Upkeep Cost none
Related Unit


Testing at SL 624 by Paralytic on Lightning (July 2014)

These were always done in 5 cast "batches", with MP charging when I was low. Max mana was about 2.5m. No heroes, only skill was Spell Mastery.

total casts: 783

  • 39.85% (312) - nothing
  • 19.41% (152) - gold (14m-44m range, 28.3m on average, which works out to an expected outcome of ~5.5m per wish)
  • 15.96% (125) - lesser item (1-8 range in my experience, mean/avg is 5.20 items or ~0.83 per wish)
  • 10.86% (85) - add turns (always added 7 turns - EDIT: Gained 8 turns at SL644 3 times)
  • 10.09% (79) - adds 30% of max population (NOT current population)
  • 1.28% (10) - efreeti bottle (I would recommend selling it ASAP unless you are very early in the reset)
  • 1.15% (9) - lose 100k mp
  • 0.77% (6) - minus turns (always 19 turns lost)
  • 0.64% (5) - % to skill (added 25% (skill@3) down to a floor of 5% (skill@15-19+). I believe skills work like hero XP, and that wish grants a certain amount of XP rather than a fixed %)

The approximations may be different and some effects may not be true

See discussion page of this article for player notes.

Here are approximations of what you get when you cast wish

  • 40% chance nothing happens
  • 20% chance to gain Geld (average 51.8M, min 11.5M, max 70.3M) (less 33%)[1] (July 2008 I've seen a max of about 40-45 and min of about 15).
  • 20% chance to obtain between 1-11 of one lesser item. (July 2008 I've gotten 1 item before at full spell level.)(Jan 2011 I got 30, that's right, 30, Javelins of Lightning!)
  • 8% chance for increased population (always 30% of total population)
  • 8% chance you gain a number of turns. The turn addition is about Spell Level/100 (Normal SL = 5)[2] (July 2008 with no extra spells or favor I always get 7 turns). (April 2010: with spell level 609, i got 8 turns)
  • 2% chance to get the Efreeti Bottle (use it fast or sell it if you get it)
  • x% Chance of decreasing the number of turns needed to achieve the next level of the skill you are researching. Your progress on Grand Enchanter has increased by 7% (Jan 2011)
    • Additional: At Skill Level 1 of Grand Enchanter, when casting wish, not sure what % it was at before cast but:You start to concentrate on the spell Wish.

Your progress on Grand Enchanter has increased by 50%. You finished casting the spell Wish on yourself. Grand Enchanter is researched to a progress of 100.0%. You need 0 turn(s) to get next rank. When working on getting a level 20 skill I was only getting an increase of 5% (Jan 2011)

    • I have only received this once in maybe 100 wishes.
    • I got a bonus to skill 3 times in about 10 wishes, though it's obviously random. At skill lvl 8 it only gave me about 20% decrease in research time, maybe less. (as of July 2008)
  • x% Chance of getting star of luck
  • Chance of getting a unique item, happened twice to me, once in jan reset and once in march reset.
    • not sure what year the above is, but I have never seen a unique from Wish other than Efreeti Bottle
  • 2% chance bad effect. It can be 2 things:
    • lose turns. The turn subtraction is Spell Level/40 (about 14 for blue, 15 with Magic Favour). Can give you negative remaining turns.(lost 19 turns 04/10/10 by Clausewitz SL 589) CAUTION: TURN COUNTS CAN GO NEGATIVE(EX. -17 TURNS)
    • "You suffered from a time anomaly and lost 20 turn(s)." <--Blue with magic favor March 9, 2008
    • lose an extra 100,000 mana.
  • The luck is believed to affect the chances(had casted this spell multiple times with luck and had no negative effects(besides nothing happens) but only positive effects with higher occurrence than probabilities shown as above). By Clausewitz at SL 429