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Population also known as people, inhabitants.

Population lives in your country, produces geld and can be recruited to fill your army. Population grows by itself (Terra is a fertile world): population growth is based on current population, and its relative distance from max population. Your population cannot drop below zero.

  • Typical population growth is 50 pop/turn + Current pop*0.015 (i.e. 1.5% growth percentage)
  • There are game effects that can alter the growth percentage (hidden upkeep).
  • When population approaches max population (within 90-100%), the growth percentage decreases
  • When max population is reached, growth is zero.
  • If the max population is exceeded, pop growth becomes negative (people leaving your country).

Population is consumed to upkeep certain units, heroes and magic (most Icon NETHER.gif, one Icon ERADICATION.gif, one Icon PHANTASM.gif) and by recruiting. Some army-units occupy part of your population space (recruits and mercenaries).

Game features affecting Population


  • Some Uniques reduce your base incomes (e.g. hidden upkeep).
  • Some Uniques will destroy population each turn.




  • Shepherdess ability "Peace with Nature" Increases farm output.


  • Lucifer favour and most favour reduces army upkeep, including pop upkeep (by 10% resp. 20%)
  • Lucifer disfavour and hatred increases army upkeep, including pop upkeep (by 10% resp. 20%)
  • Nature's Favor increases geld and population income.
  • Nature's Disfavor decreases geld and population income.

Attack Types

  • Pillaging will steal items, geld, and Population from the target kingdom, and destroy additional population.

Pop Spiral

  • A population spiral (pop spiral) is the situation that you have so many pop-eating units, that each turn you spend, you lose more pop, and you are in danger of hitting zero pop. You should get rid of part of the pop eating army (failed pillages, battles), and thereafter recover your population to a decent percentage of max population (90% of max).

An obvious, but over-looked fact. To have babies, you need parents. If you experience a population spiral and lose much population and but finally get yourself out of the -pop income, you might notice that no mattter how many farms and towns you build, the income is just not going up. Think of it this way, the population you already have is old and doesn't produce as many babies as new population would. So a factor in what increases your pop income, is well your pop income. If you start out with a income of 44 people a turn, don't worry, it will eventually get back up there. Helpful items are books of Prophecy to get some extra thousand people. This might get your pop income to a few hundred a turn, but in around 20 turns, you'll be in the thousands. So your going to need new people to make babies, so go get those books to get yourself out of pop spirals.

Zero Pop

'Zero Pop' is the case when you have no population left.

In the case of fully depleting your population, complete stacks of population consuming units may disband themselves (in random order: you may be able to keep supporting some of your smaller stacks). Also as a cascading effect, your geld income will approach zero for quite some turns.

This is a severe crisis, because zero pop means zero geld income, means eating you savings... and at zero savings: you lose your buildings including forts and ultimately this is game over.

Recovery from zero pop

  • You will need geld reserves to maintain your kingdom and buy items while you prepare your recovery. Depending on circumstances, this could be less than 50M or more than 500M.
    • You may wish to switch to a stacking with little or no gold upkeep.
    • You can gain gold from pillage, Wish, and selling items.
    • Locate Artifact is extremely useful here.
    • LA skill will make your books and wines more powerful.
  • Obtain 50 Books and 20 Wines. It can be done with less, but don't take risks. If you have extras afterwards you can sell them or save them for later use, but if you don't have enough then everything is wasted.
  • Make sure you have enough farms and towns to support at least 350k pop. Weather Summoning helps; it is like having extra farms.
  • When you're ready, get favor from Nature god. If green, also cast Nature's Favor.
  • Use books until you have at least 150k pop, though more is fine. Then use wines to get back the rest. Pillaging can help at the end if you run out of wines. By 350k, your pop will begin to increase on its own
  • If you wish use any pop eaters, make sure your population has returned to its maximum first.
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