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Turns generate at a constanct rate that differs per server. Only a maximum number of turns will automatically accumulate. This is called 'max turns'. The time needed to fill turns from 0 to 'max turns' is called 'turn cycle'. Managing the turn cycle is important on every server. There are no game mechanics altering the above.

Arch Server Guild server Solo Server Beta, Blitz Server
Turn Rate 1/12 min 1/8 min 1/7 min 1/5 min
Max Turns 180 180 200 200
Turn Cycle One-and-a-half day:
Exactly one day:
Exactly one day:
less than a day:
16h40 mins
Turn acc
in 24 hr

120 turns

180 turns

200 turns

288 turns


  • When the server has just reset, all mages start with the turns accumulated since server start.
  • Every existing mage gets one new generated turn at the same time.
  • When the server-round is one turn-cycle old, new mages start with full turns.
  • If you delete/suicide your mage, you do not regain full turns
  • During the last day of Armageddon, newly reincarnated mages (less than 120 turns spend) do not gain turns.

Most in-game actions cost turns (checking various status, setting defense assignments and disbanding army/heroes are the only actions not taking turns). Using your turns efficiently is important on every server.

  • There are spells and items that influence turn storage and turn usage.
  • There are buildings that influence turn take for some actions (e.g. building, e.g. spell research).
  • Other actions always cost a fixed amount of turns (e.g. spell casting, battling) - but note Temporal Stasis Field.

Items and spells affecting turns


  • Voodoo Dolls (lesser item) subtract a small number of turns from a target mage. They cannot force those turns to become negative.
  • Egg of Time (unique item) adds a signifigant amount of turns to your turn pool. Can make turns get above 'max turns' (unconfirmed).



  • Wish has many effects, one of which adds turns (good!) and one of which subtracts turns (bad!) to your turn storage, even into negative remaining turns. Odds for the adding are better than odds for subtracting, but the amount of turns lost is bigger than the amount gained (Wish turns Add=SL/50, Subtract=SL/20; SL = spell level)
  • Time Twister minor punishment of game admins. It subtracts 'max turns' instantenously, sending you into negative turns.


  • Under Meditation you are not able to spend turns - you will keep gaining turns.

Turns and researching

The type of spell (simple, advanced, complex, ultimate) and its research costs (encyclopedia) determine, the amount of guilds build on the land, spell color vs. mage color, the enchantments Concentration (on-color, off-color), Confuse and Laziness influence research, and the Sage hero.

  • The more guilds, the less turns researching a spell takes
  • the more complex the spell, the more turns researching takes
  • Adjacent color and opposite color spell research takes more turns.
  • Concentration reduces the turns neededed to research, particularly at high SL and on-color.
  • Confuse and Laziness enchantments increases the turns needed to research.
  • Sage hero decreases research turn take (depending on hero level)

Turns and building

The amount of Workshops and the Engineer hero determine the amount of turns it takes to build, except for the magic building 'barrier'.

  • The more Workshops, the less turns building takes
  • Engineer hero decreases building turn take (depending on hero level)
  • Barriers always take 1 turn to build.

Milestone turns

  • At turn 0: You are adviced to spend at least 1 turn exploring as to not lose your account for inactivity.
  • At turn 60: You can start recruiting (if you have barracks)
  • At turn 121: You leave Apprentice state:
    • You can start offensive actions (battle) and receive attacks (battle, spelling, iteming)
    • MUST CHECK: You can start offensive actions (spelling, iteming)
    • You can start bidding in Black Market
  • At turn 200: You can start to generate items (if you have guilds)
Data on this page needs confirmation
  • At turn 300: You can get favoured by Gods
  • At turn 1000: You can see 'entire ranklist'
  • At turn 2000: You can no longer enter Council Protection


  • Until July 2007, guild server ran on 1 turn/10 minutes, 180 turns storage
  • Until February 2008, arch server ran on 1 turn/15 minutes, 150 turns storage


Turns | Mana | Geld | Population | Land | Items | Spells