Time Twister

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What is it?

Time Twister makes you lose 200 turns instantaneously, usually sending you into negative turns.

  • It is cast by admins as a punishment for first-time minor Decalogue violations.
  • Time Twister is an instant spell unleashed by Game Admins
  • It takes away a full set of turns instantly (-200/-180/-150 turns).
  • Admins since january 2008 can undo a Time Twister in the first hours (one turn-cycle).
    • When a Time Twister is undone, you will be back at full turns max.

Related: Other admin punishments such as Mute and Frozen Hell

Why did I get it?

It is unleashed as a punishment for minor breaking of the decalogue.

  • Generally, you receive the reason why you got it in a message from GOD(#0), i.e. from the admin.
    • e.g. first time breaking illegal serenity rule
    • e.g. first time swearing/foul language in messages to other mages
    • e.g. first time minor milking (e.g. Book of Prophecy on a friend)
    • e.g. as part of a punishment to a whole guild
      • e.g. leadership is not recruiting new members with care, and too many multi-mages exist).
      • e.g. participating in a guild coordinated attack (so-called BBQs) that included ND-mages/multi-mages.