Frozen Hell

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Frozen Hell is a punishment cast by admins, for serious decalogue violations such as multi maging.

It was introduced together with portal-account mage login, and replaced Fury of God in early 2007.


Frozen Hell is an Instant Spell, that does prevent a punished player to contact his/her mage. Instead, a countdown page is shown (see below).

  • In the ranklist, frozen mages feature an "F". Arena shows status: FROZEN.
  • They cannot be newly attacked, serenitied, spelled what ever.
  • Taking counters on a FROZEN mage is possible, both armies function normally (no cursing by gods or what ever).
  • Pending enchantments by the frozen mage are not dispelled, but can be countered away.
  • Turns do accummulate for FROZEN mages.

Related: Other admin punishments such as Mute and Time Twister

Lifting the spell

  • You can try to contact the admins by email hoping to plea your mage free, but very rarely the admins change their minds.
  • If you share an IP adress with another player (at home, in an internet cafe, in your school): don't complain about being FROZEN if you forgot to register.
  • No, registering your home IP as a public ip doesnot give you the opportunity to start and play many mages: Game Admins besides IP adressess also look to stuff such as log-in times to decide whether they consider you a single player routinely checking multiple mages, or two friends who only occasionally share a connection.



Current time

GOD (#0) casted the spell Frozen Hell on you.
You find yourself covered with the ice - too rigid to touch yourself - or to be touched by other mages.

Reason given by Admin here

If you used a real email address to register your ubb account
and feel that you are punished for a decalogue violation that you didn't commit,
you can try emailing email adress of server here

If you want to suicide this mage:
Confirm suicide

Otherwise the ice of Frozen Hell will crack you.
You will shatter into pieces and die on:

Scheduled time of death


See here for an example of Frozen Hell caught on video.