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Mute makes it impossible for you to send messages and to edit your description.

  • It is cast by admins as a punishment for first-time minor Decalogue violations.
  • Mute works like an enchanment, cast by the Game Admins
  • Admins can undo a Muting.
  • You can still receive messages from Black Market and God (#0)
  • You can still receive mass-guild messages

Related: Other admin punishments such as Time Twister and Frozen Hell

Why did I get it?

It is unleashed as a punishment for breaking the decalogue part on swearing, shocking, publising in-game info etc..

  • Generally, you receive the reason why you got it in a message from GOD(#0), i.e. from the admin.
  • Generally, the admin edits/cleans the description of a muted mage.