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Beta Server

This is The Reincarnation's server for live testing changes to the game-code.


Turn Rate: 1 turn per 2 minutes, 800 max turns - storage (720 Turns every 24 hours)

Oversummoning: Enabled

Guilds allowed (max 6 members)

Guild Alliances do not need to be disclosed

Public Information Sharing of Mages allowed

Chronicles will now display in 24hr increments

Server Status: Active

Green are changes compared to last set


The following types of developments are tested out on the beta server first.

  • Changed spells, units, items for balance issues
  • Changed game mechanics
  • Changed coding to speed up page display, database-actions, avoid server lag during the rush hour at armageddon
  • Changed graphics to speed up day-to-day play
  • Changed interfaces for the game-admins and developers themselves
  • New features
  • New spells, items, units

Current Beta Features

Commencing: UTC (GMT-Zulu) Mon July 6 18:00:00 2020
Armageddon Scheduled to Begin: UTC (GMT-Zulu) Sat July 25 08:00:00 2020

  • Increased exploring rate similar to Lightning Server.
  • Land Inflation - Explore cap raises 1-3% a day.
  • 24 Hour Damaged Status
  • 48 Hour God Favor 
  • 96 Hour God Most Favored
  • Land Counters disabled (unless enabled via Guild Supremacy Perk)
  • Individual NAPs disabled.
  • Meditation now lasts for a minimum of 48hrs.
  • Devil prince lasts for 72hrs.
  • Hallucination no longer blocks attacks in Armageddon.
  • Seals will now break in increments of 24 hours leading up to Armageddon. Additionally, the end of the world has been increased to 24 hours.
  • Fort damage is now increased when hitting from outside the 50% - 200% range (this now functions in the same way as LS)
  • Spell Resistance and Reflection checks now work in the following priority:
    • 1. Check for Heavenly Protection - Reflection
    • 2. Check for Mirror of the Grey Witch - Reflection
    • 3. Check for Barrier Resist - Resistance
    • 4. Check for Spell Resist - Resistance
  • The time it takes to complete Research has been increased by approximately 120% (Or conversly, research speed has been reduced by approximately 65%) as compared to other servers
  • Mages will now receive a notification when a mage they have spelled fails to dispel their enchantment
  • AI mages will now send different attack and counter messages
  • Guild Supremacy is Enabled
    • Attacking Bots now only yields 50 supremacy points
    • Attack Humans yields 200 supremacy points
    • Killing a mage will now yield supremacy points based on the amount of turns they have used
      • Killing AI mage kills will yield no points
      • Mages that have used less than [max turns * 3] will yield no points
      • Mages will reward you with [their turns used / 6] points per kill
    • Tithing - Increased gold Income from taxing by 20% - Costs 10,800
    • Mana Siphon - Increases mana income from m.p charging by 20% - Costs 10,800
    • Arcanum Codex - Increases skill point income from training by 30% - Costs 10,800
    • Casus Belli - Enables you to counter until you have captured or destroyed all land that was lost by enemy attacks (Enables Land Counter) - Costs 24,000
    • Reconnaissance Corps - Allows you to send small groups of units on scouting missions - Costs 12,000
    • Foreign Embassies - Disabled
    • Council Bribes - Reduces the damage needed for DAMAGED status by 10% - Costs 19,260
    • Defensive Pacts - Allows each mage to have one additional alliance - Costs 6,000
    • Sacred Ground - Grants The Star of Luck to each mage - Costs 27,000
    • Nondimensional Storage - Increases maximum turn storage by 20% - Costs 21,600
  • Lucky Cauldron enabled.
    • Lucky Cauldron base pack prices are 15m/30m/60m/120m
    • Packs increase by 20% of their base cost after every purchase
    • Ultra packs now only give 16 items
    • Large packs now only give 12 items
    • Medium Packs now only give 8 items
    • Lesser packs now only give 4 items
    • Packs cost revert back to original base cost after 22hrs
    • Time for when cost reverts back is now displayed via Mouseover or Tap (smart phone) on the pack name
    • Sale price for lesser items has been increased to 1,000,000 gold
    • Sale price for unique items has increased to 20,000,000
    • The "elusive magic" effect received when you are granted a spell you already know has been changed and now provides a 4 turn Invigorate enchantment instead of additional items
  • Black Market disabled except for Altar of Darkness.
  • Skill Training (Similar to devoting turns to double the speed of Researching.)
  • Training Grounds Heroes can now be trained.
    • Visit the Audience screen to speak with your Heroes, and then click on the new link for the "Imperial Training Ground". You can select one hero to train, and they will gain 5x XP for each turn spent training. (Subject to balance changes.)

  • AI / Bot Changes
    • AI mages can now gain and use Illusionary Heroes through the reset.
    • AI mages can now get favor from the gods.
    • AI mages have a chance to have the Divine Balance effect applied to them.
    • AI mages are now far more aggressive and will attack more often.
    • AI mages will now have access to complex/ultimate spells and enchantments much sooner.
    • AI mages are smarter and more aggressive with their counters; they are more likely to counter mages above them if the mages have smaller armies.
    • AI mages will now ally each other and receive reinforcements.
    • The ratio of AI to human mages has been increased dramatically.

When a regular server resets, those changes that successfully passed beta-testing are ported to the main server.