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Beta Server

This is The Reincarnation's server for live testing changes to the game-code.


Turn Rate: 1 per minute, 800 max turns

Guilds allowed (max 6 members).

No Guild Alliances / No Guild NAPs

Server Status: Active


The following types of developments are tested out on the beta server first.

  • Nerfed spells, units, items for balance issues
  • Changed game mechanics
  • Changed coding to speed up page display, database-actions, avoid server lag during the rush hour at armageddon
  • Changed graphics to speed up day-to-day play
  • Changed interfaces for the game-admins and developers themselves
  • New features
  • New spells, items, units

Current Beta Features

When a regular server resets, those changes that succesfully passed beta-testing are ported to the main server.