Staff of the Archmage

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This crooked staff is 6' long. Magical runes are inscribed on the crook which grow in a soft blue light when the power of the staff is activated. It can be used to shoot a ball of fire, a cone of cold, or a bolt of lightning in the battle. The staff requires some times to recharge after each usage.

Item Details
Name Staff of the Archmage
Attribute Unique Reusable Battle
Charge turn 10


  • The Staff is a reusable Unique that deals either Lightning, Cold or Fire damage in battle to a random enemy stack
    • The damage dealt is a random amount between 1,500,000 and 2,000,000
    • There is an equal chance (33%) to deal each type of damage
  • The Staff takes 8 turns to charge after use
  • There is no upkeep or cost for using the staff