Wand of the Moon

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The small wand is 1' long, with a metal cresent standing at the top of it. When exposed to moonlight, it will absorb moon energy which can be released in battle to do tremendous damages. Once the energy is released, it cannot be used again until one full moon is passed.

Item Details
Name Wand of the Moon
Attribute Unique Reusable Battle
Charge turn 30


  • The Wand is a reusable and rechargeable Unique that targets enemies during battle
  • When used, the Wand will inflict 3,000,000 to 4,000,000 Psychic, Paralyse, or Magic damage to a random enemy stack during battle
  • The Wand takes 30 turns to charge after use
  • There is no upkeep or cost for using the Wand