Sword of Light

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By being blessed with the blessings of the God, all your troops' melee weapons are bathed with a holy light that gives them higher attack power, which is especially effective against the undead. This spell is especially effective when used with The Holy Light enchantment, as it gives holy power to all your units when both spells are used. Area of effect: all units with melee attack type, or all units if used with The Holy Light.

Spell Statistics
Name Sword of Light
Magic Speciality Ascendant
Rank Complex
Attributes Instant/Battle
Cast Turn -
Cast M.P. 20,000
Research Cost 4,000
Upkeep Cost none
Related Unit



  • Affects all units with a MELEE or HOLY attack type in either Primary or Extra attack
  • Adds HOLY attack type to the affected units' Primary attack
  • Increases AP/EAP/Counter Attack by (0.421*(SL/MaxAscendantSL)) % of affected units
    • On the Beta Server, the AP increase effect for off-color and opposite-color is reduced by 50% and 75% respectively

Mechanics with The Holy Light: Affects all White units whilst The Holy Light is active

An Ascendant mage with a 500 SL on Lightning Server would get an increase of 47% to AP/EAP/Counter for all MELEE & HOLY units. (0.421 * (500/449))

While combining SOL with The Holy Light adds HOLY to all Ascendant units, this takes effect AFTER the damage bonus is applied. So the damage bonus is not applied to any units without MELEE or HOLY as a base attack type.