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Meditation is a feature that allows you to 'park your mage' for 3 days, without anyone able to attack it - so you can have a brief holiday - or take long time to think what you will do next.

Meditation lasts 72 hours. You cannot stop it halfway or something: when you try, a clock is displayed that tells you when your mage returns to terra.

To enter Meditation: go to the option screen.

To be able to enter Meditation

  • No open counters remaining, i.e. you have not attacked someone in the last 24 hrs, nor have thrown offensive items nor spells.
  • It is at least 7 days since you last entered Meditation (4 days since you last left meditation).
  • it is not very close to Armageddon day.
    • You cannot enter meditation after the 3rd seal is broken.
  • To enter meditation does not take a turn.

Once in Meditation

  • All your own enchantments are cancelled (spells you have on the enemy too - or you have to cancel them to be able to enter meditation at all)
  • Enchantments from enemies or gods and epidemics on you are NOT dispelled - they stay on.
  • You keep sending reinforcements to your allies
  • No mage can attack you (M in ranking list)
  • Player cannot login to his mage - is supposed to take a break.

Exiting Meditation

  • meditation on fast servers (Blitz) makes you have lost more turns than on slow servers (Arch)
  • A mage going into med at 00:01 will come out of med any time between 00:01 and 01:00 3 days later. If the mage logs in (or even checks the portal) during this period, they will exit med then. If they don't log in, they will come out of med at the change of hour (01:00). So its 72 hours + a variable amount of up to an hour.