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This enchantment spell will make the sun shine brighter in your country, thus giving mages higher resistance to dark or illusionary magic. It will increase your Nether and Phantasm resistances.

Spell Statistics
Name Sunray
Magic Speciality Verdant
Rank Complex
Attributes Enchantment, Selfonly
Cast Turn 10
Cast M.P. 50,000
Research Cost 5,000
Upkeep Cost 50 m.p.
Related Unit


The enchantment gives increased protection (spell resistance) against Icon NETHER.gif Nether and Icon PHANTASM.gif Phantasm magic.

  • ONCOLOR Icon VERDANT.gif: 0.085 * SL = ~38% @ SL450
  • OFFCOLOR Icon ERADICATION.gifIcon ASCENDANT.gif: 0.02 * SL = ~9% @ SL450
  • OPPOSITE Icon PHANTASM.gifIcon NETHER.gif: 0.007 * SL = ~3.15% @ SL450
  • Gods, i.e. on-color Spell level 777: 66% resistance to Phantasm and Nether magic


On low land, off-color Sunray is hardly worth its upkeep and the ten (10!) turns of casting the spell. For green mages, it is worth maintaining this spell - if you can afford the m.p. next to enchantments like Plant Growth, Weather Summoning, Nature's Favor

On big land, non-green mages may consider to cast Sunray to max out their color resistances