Blitz Server

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One of The Reincarnation's main game servers.


Turn Rate: 1 per 5 minutes, 200 max turns

Guilds are allowed.

Server Status: active


Relaunch 2008

Bitz server was relaunched for the following reasons

  • closing of blitz in 2007 had made a lot of players move to beta for its fast turn generation
  • opening of blitz allowed to use beta as a true beta server again and offer a stable fast turn generation server
  • financially it became possible to rent the additional server

Deactivated Status 2007-2008

Blitz Server (1 turn/5 minutes) was merged with Guild Server (1 turn/10 minutes) in September 2007, for two reasons:

  • to make room to offer an anonymized Solo Server
  • to draw a larger number of players to a single main Guild Server
    • turn rate of the merged Guild server was set inbetween the former Blitz and Server rates.

Original Launch 2005-2007

Blitz Server (1 turn/5 minutes) was the fastest server (most turns/day).

  • It alternated Solo and Guilded resets in 2005
  • Solo resets turned out to be too demanding for adminning (policing milking) - it was decided to have guilded resets only (players watch each other better when they operate in groups) while admin features were developed.