Pipes of the Sewer

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The pipes have the power to control mice. When the pipes are blown, hordes of mice suddenly swarm out from nowhere and begin to follow the piper. Once the piper stops playing the pipes, the mice scatter around, looking for food to eat and destroying everything in sight in the process. A typical , effective usage of the pipes is to hire a bard and have him/her pipe in another mage's realm to amass a horde of mice to irritate the opponent mage by reducing his/her geld and population.

Item Details
Name Pipes of the Sewer
Attribute Lesser Oneuse
Charge turn 0


  • Destroys exactly 500,000 geld and 7,500 population of target enemy mage
    • On the Arch Server, the Pipes destroy 15,000 population instead of 7,500; the geld amount is the same
    • Should the result show a loss of either resource less than these fixed amounts, then the target had less than the above values to begin with
  • The Pipes must pass through barriers to take effect

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