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Produces food (500) for your population. You need decent number of farmlands to support your growing population.

Also provides 100 residential space for your pop.

In order to match food production with max population provided by towns/farms, a 2.5 ratio of farms to towns is advised. With 299 workshops, you can build 7 towns and 18 farms in one turn, which is fairly close.

10 towns = 10k max pop
25 farms = 2.5k max pop + 12.5k food

Destroying Enemy Farms

The options to destroy enemy Farms are:


Enchantments, Spells

Decreases food production of farms with a very expensive mana upkeep, and therefore making the targeted mage's population suffer to some extent. Not a very powerful enchantment but the spell upkeep itself is a bit of a trouble. Reduces, does not destroy.

Unique Items

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