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!!! Siege is a word with double meaning in TR !!!

  • It is a type of attacking (the one that is hardest to win, but can take up to 10% of land including forts)
  • It is also a Unit Ability (giving some bonus in battles to some Units)

Siege Attack

The biggest form of attack in the game, involving a larger part of a kingdom, including its forts.

  • The defender loses max 10% of his land (won Regular attack would give max 5%). The sieging attacker gains 1/3 of that, if the attacker was within 200% of defender net power before the battle (as in any attack).
  • To conquer the maximum amount of land in a siege attack, a sufficient number of units needs to have survived the battle to occupy each newly gained acre. The same goes to win forts. The number of units is 50 per acre taken, so an easy way to monitor if you have enough is to say 5 units per 1 acres of your opponent.
  • For eradication mages (Icon ERADICATION.gif's only!), the enchantment Battle Chant makes that you also capture geld (like in a Pillage) after a won Siege.

Siege attacks are more difficult to win than regular attacks, because:

  • Since forts are involved, the targeted mage is granted defensive bonuses when defending.
  • On top of that, all Non-FLYING sieging army units receives a 10% accuracy penalty (base accuracy is 30%, in a Siege it becomes 20%, not taking the Siege unit ability into account).
  • However, the accuracy loss is disregarded on defending units with FLYING.
  • Examples:

Conditions for winning a Siege attack:

  • Your opponent must have lost AT LEAST 10% of their Army in Net Power; AND
  • Your opponent must have lost MORE Army Net Power than you

Other Information:

video of a siege

Unit ability SIEGE

The Siege ability negates the natural 10% accuracy penalty when sieging an enemy mage.

It has no effect when on defence or when attacking in a Regular battle.

The spell Phase Step gives Siege unit ability.

  Units with ability SIEGE
Icon ASCENDANT.gif White Catapult Titan
Icon VERDANT.gif Green
Icon NETHER.gif Black
Icon PHANTASM.gif Blue
Icon PLAIN.gif Plain Iron Golem

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