Unit Abilities

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ADDITIONAL STRIKEUnit will strike twice with its primary attack.
ATTDEF AGAINSTUnit will fight better against given race.
BEAUTYAny unit attacking unit with beauty will suffer -5% accuracy penalty.
BURSTINGWhen attacked, unit bursts with given element, dealing 10000 damage.
CHARMAttacks or counter attacks on unit with charm are half as effective.
CLUMSINESSUnit with clumsiness has 10% penalty in accuracy.
ENDURANCEUnits with endurance suffer -10% efficiency penalty after every attack/counter instead of the normal -15% (the Fatigue effect)
FEARAny unit without the ability fear attacking a unit with fear will suffer penalty of 15% accuracy.
FLYINGFlying units will not be attacked by melee units, and have no siege penalty
HEALING30% of slain units with healing will be resurrected after battle, as long as there are survivors.
LARGE SHIELDDamage from ranged attacks on units with large shield will be halved.
MARKSMANSHIPUnit with marksmanship has bonus of 10% accuracy.
PIKEAny unit with initiative 2 attacking units with pike will suffer penalty of 1 initiative.
RECRUIT SPEEDIncreases recruit speed (negative value decreases).
REGENERATION20% of slain units with regeneration will be resurrected after battle, as long as there are survivors
SCALESUnit with scales will receive 25% less damage from any kind of attack
SIEGEIn siege attack, attacker suffers penalty of -10% accuracy. unit with Siege ability will not suffer such penalty
STEAL LIFE5% of damage by units with steal life will be turned to hit points of this unit.
SWIFTUnits attacking units with swift will suffer penalty of -10 % accuracy
WEAKNESS TOGiven attack type on the unit which has weakness to will deal twice the damage.