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Recruit Speed is based on 3 factors:
1) a unit's "Geld Cost" to recruit (examples: Militia cost "20" geld to recruit, Archers cost "40" geld to recruit).
2) a unit's "Recruit Speed +/-%" modifier (the ability).
3) your number of barracks.
The formula for recruiting is as follows:
((100/GeldCostToRecruit)*#ofBarracks*RecruitSpeed) = # of units recruited per turn
GeldCostToRecruit and #ofBarracks are self-explanitory.
"RecruitSpeed" however refers to the MODIFIED recruit speed based on the unit's abilities. Base Recruit Speed is 100% (translates as "1.00" in the formula). If a unit has "Recruit Speed +15%" the recruit speed becomes 100%+15% = 115% (translated: 1.15), if it's "Recruit Speed -15%" the recruit speed becomes 100%-15% = 85% (translated: 0.85).
It is a common misconception that recruit rate is based on Net Power or Population Space, when in fact it is ONLY based on the 3 factors of Geld, Barracks, and Recruit Speed Modifier.

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