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ADDITIONAL STRIKEUnit will strike twice with its primary attack.
BEAUTYAny unit attacking unit with Beauty will suffer -5% accuracy penalty.
BURSTINGWhen attacked, unit bursts with given element, dealing instant damage.
CHARMAttacks or counterattacks on unit with charm are half as effective.
CLUMSINESSUnits with clumsiness suffer a -10% penalty to accuracy.
ENDURANCEUnits with endurance suffer -10% efficiency penalty after every attack/counterattack instead of the normal -15% (the Fatigue effect).
FEARAny unit without the ability fear attacking a unit with fear will suffer penalty of 15% accuracy.
FLYINGFlying units can only be attacked by ranged units or other Flying units, and have no siege penalty.
HEALING30% of slain units with healing will be resurrected after battle, as long as there are survivors from the stack.
LARGE SHIELDIncreases the resistance to any ranged attack by 50% after resistances are averaged.
MARKSMANSHIPUnit receives a bonus of 10% accuracy.
PIERCINGReduces all resistances of enemy unit by -10% when struck by a unit with Piercing.
PIKEAny unit with an initiative of 2 attacking a unit with pike will suffer penalty of 1 initiative.
RACIAL ENEMY AGAINSTBoosts attack vs. enemy race by a percentage (currently, that percentage is 50% in every unit that possesses this ability).
RECRUIT SPEEDIncreases or decreases the recruitment speed for recruitable units.
REGENERATION20% of slain units with regeneration will be resurrected after battle, as long as there are survivors from the stack.
SCALESReduces all damage received by 25%.
SIEGEUnit suffers no accuracy penalty during a siege (normally, during a siege, attacking units suffer -10% accuracy).
STEAL LIFEPercentage of damage from Primary Attack (either 5% or 10%) will be turned into hit points to create new units.
SWIFTUnits attacking units with swift will suffer a penalty of -10% accuracy.
WEAKNESS TOUnit receives a penalty of -50% to resistance of given attack type.

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