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This powerful magic spell calls upon the favour of the God to bring back the dead of the battlefield back into life. Troops which have perished in that particular battle may be resurrected to join in and fight. Area of effect: all units.

Spell Statistics
Name Resurrection
Magic Speciality Ascendant
Rank Complex
Attributes Instant/Battle
Cast Turn -
Cast M.P. 20,000
Research Cost 5,000
Upkeep Cost none
Related Unit


Resurrects a portion of your units slain during battle, as long as at least one unit of the stack survives the battle

  • ONCOLOR: 33.68% * SL/Max Ascendant SL (eg. if your spell level is higher than max, you will resurrect more than 33.68%)
  • OFFCOLOR: 8.6% * SL/Max Ascendant SL
  • OPPOSITE: 4.3% * SL/Max Ascendant SL

This spell is scaled based on the number of units that dies. Less units = better effect.

After doing the calculation above, divide the number by the number of units that died. This is capped at a maximum of 50%.

If 50 Dominions died.

33.68 / 50 = 0.67 (67%). Cap is 50%. So 50% of the Dominions will be resurrected.

If 500 Archangels died.

33.68 / 500 = 0.067 (6.7%) So 6.7% of the Archangels will be resurrected.

The tipping point is 169 units. At which point you're better off using Platinum Hand of Healing. However keep in mind this does scale with your spell level (although not by a lot).


  • Use this spell together with units that have Healing ability, or the Strange Metallic Can
  • Best used on Ultimate units (if the enemy manages to kill 30 ultimates, the spell still ressurects 10 of them!)
  • Resurrection is applied before other healing calculations (SMC/Healing/etc):
    • After the number of resurrected units is calculated, other healing effects are worked out normally on the remaining units (original units lost MINUS # saved by res)
    • Eg. 1000 Archangels are slain. 30 are Resurrected. AA's healing will save 30% of 970, or 291. The total saved would then be 321 of 1000.